Checking in

  • We’ve completed our garden and journals, made a poster, and been judged for the Fair.
  • We’ve celebrated a birthday.
  • We’ve gone camping to kick-off this wonderful new season.
  • We’ve been working hard for end-of-the-year memory master.
  • We’ve done it all while taking lots of pictures…

….But we haven’t been blogging!  Alas, after 4 years on this space, I have once again run out of room for pictures.  We have been looking into keeping it up, but I just can’t justify the cost.  Never the less, my kids are begging me to keep blogging and I can’t see myself letting go of this little treasure I’ve found.  so, I will soon (hopefully) be re-directing you to a new blog where I can continue this journey for free!  Thanks for hanging with the Yeh’s!

It’s Not…

It’s not the fresh squeezed orange juice for breakfast…

It’s not the beautiful baskets of oranges…

It’s not that they don’t have seeds…

It’s not that they are organic…

It’s not that they make a perfect snack…

in 2

in 3

My favorite part of gathering oranges from the orchard we discovered is the smell of the orange blossoms.  (Though all the things mentioned above make me jump for joy, as well!)  We have been enjoying baskets of oranges for the last month, and will be quite sad when there are no more beautiful oranges to gather off the ground!

Perspective and Planters

“Are you sad that you have to do dishes on spring break?” one of my daughters asked me.  My first thought was, “Yes.”  But, what came out of my mouth was totally different.


I explained how dishes meant we had a nice meal, and plenty of food, and family time.  I even admitted how I kind of enjoyed the warm water on cold days like this.  Of course, my lazy self would prefer no dishes — but if I could just have the right perspective, they didn’t seem so bad.  In fact, they were a blessing.  As Laura Story so eloquently put it in her song, What if our blessings come through raindrops? Perspective.

perpl 1

Every spring break I take on a project.  Last year it was writing the book of James on my bathroom wall.  This year’s project was a bit simpler.  I had seen a picture on Pinterest of a window looking out over lavender fields.  It was gorgeous.  Since moving my family into that house wasn’t feasible, I decided to do the next best thing; plant lavender outside our bedroom window.  Perspective.  I looked for planter boxes and alternatives all over online, but none of the ones I loved were in my price range.  Finally, I took the kids to Homegoods.  There I found several viable options, but none of them came in sets of 2.  (My only qualm with Homegoods!)  Then I spotted something I thought might work across the store that I was pretty certain I had seen on the other side of the store.  Yes, I found twin trays!  Only one was white… but I could paint them both anyway!  Hooray!

perpl 2

Next came the planter boxes to go on top.  Again, I couldn’t find what I was looking for.  So, I drew a picture and asked my husband to do the honors.  I am blessed by his many talents!  After a few nails and a little stain, voila!

perpl 3

It’s been too cold to open my windows for the smell to come in, but aren’t they lovely?  Now when I look out my window I just see the lavender tops and I am so content.  Perspective.

perpl 4

On to the next project…

Chickie Funeral

I awoke to a crash, but didn’t think much of it.  The winds were blowing, which is a normal occurrence around here.  I got up to go to the bathroom and looked out the window only to learn the “bang” was our chickie coop knocked over.  We (pretty much my husband) stayed up to get the chickies a new home in the garage as well as to get things cleaned up.  We also looked and looked and looked for a missing chick, but without success.

chf 1

Fast forward to the next morning, and our sweet Natalie was devastated.  After all, it was her little “Blackwing” that was missing.  She searched herself, but still couldn’t find her. 
chf 3

Later that morning, Malachi discovered her in the front yard under a bush.  Poor little baby was gone.

chf 4

When I told Natalie she could get another one and that we would have a little funeral, she was quite excited.  Apparently, she had always waned to have a little funeral for a pet.  (Sounds super morbid, but I get where she was coming from!)  Kids are so resilient.  So, we holed our little backyard hill, had a little funeral, said our goodbyes, and welcomed “Goldilocks” to our home.  We also fixed the chickie coop so no more wind gusts will affect our little ones!

Looking Back…

Blogging can be so unpredictable for me.  I wonder if other bloggers do this…. Sometimes, I just go into my pictures and see what’s been happening, not having a clue what I am about to blog about.  A picture will catch my eye, and boom — that’s it!  Such was the case tonight.  I looked back and realized there were a few things I never blogged about before Christmas because I didn’t want my Mom, (#1 fan), to see before she got here.

  1.  Pierced Ears.  Our two oldest girls finally got their ears pierced.  They wanted to surprise their Grandma, so I wasn’t allowed to blog about it.  We thought it would be a quick process, but with the paper work and Christmas crowds, it seemed to take forever.  The two youngest were so sweet and encouraging and I was VERY proud of them; especially Sierra, who can’t wait to get them pierced herself.  And Malachi, who was exhausted.  And Daniel, who was stuck in a crowded girly shop holding Malachi.  And Allison and Natalie who were super brave.

pe 1 pe 2 pe 3

        2.  Another biggie: Sierra learned to ride her bike without training wheels.  The irony is, she hardly rode it with training wheels.  She did much better without!  I don’t remember what prompted Daniel to take them off, but he did and off she went.  Great job, Sierra!  (I think Malachi is almost ready, too!)

pe 4

       3.  Our Christmas picture.  I never put it on here so our cards wouldn’t be spoiled.  I actually should have zoomed it in a bit, but we had fun taking the picture in our chicken yard.  I’m glad I don’t have to think about it again until next year!

pe 5

So I guess that’s what I am blogging about today!  We’ll see what tomorrow brings.  🙂

The Puzzle

Well, then…. do you remember the puzzle that we dumped out on New Year’s Eve?  Basically, it looked like this:

puz 1

And then I became obsessed over it… and worked… and worked…

puz 2

and worked…  (it didm’t help that it was cold and rainy outside and warm and cozy inside… or that I was exhausted from the “busyness” of Christmas break and just wanted to rest… or that my personality cannot stand to walk by an unfinished puzzle!)  So, alas…

puz 3

I completed the puzzle!  I even had a little help from my 2nd daughter and husband.  HOORAY!  I told my kids the word “psychedelic” meant colorful, though I knew it was more crazy than that.  To satisfy my own curiosity, I looked it up only to find it had nothing to do with color.  It means “pertaining to drugs.”  Oops.  Anyway, now that the crazy puzzle is over, I am hoping to be more productive.  We did accomplish school this week… even if I did have to answer math problems while searching for a puzzle piece.  🙂

See, Daniel… if we just had a cabin, I could move all our puzzles up there and I wouldn’t have any puzzles to distract me from my duties here at home.  And, we would have fun putting them together while up in the cabin with the snow falling outside.  Win, win!

Happy New Year!

The new year is here!  I always picture myself so relaxed in the new year… the string of holidays and birthdays behind me.  I plan to journal, pray, reflect, and be super organized for the New Year.  But, life never seems to slow down, does it?  We get the house in order just in time to hit the school books, extra-curricular activities, and all that once again.  (Thankfully I have a new Nespresso machine from Christmas to help keep me going!)

School starts again Monday.  I have a list a mile long to accomplish tomorrow.  But, I do feel ready to get back into a routine.  For now, here is our New ear’s Eve: a dollar-size pancake breakfast, homemade pizza and traditional puzzle making with our dear friends, and a repeat of this lemon cake to use up some of our plethora of lemons, but also because it is THAT good!

16 1 16 2 16 3 16 4 16 5 16 6

For the record, we finished almost none of the puzzle and went to bed far before midnight.  (Though, I may have stayed up until midnight last night and am getting close again tonight because the crazy psychedelic 1,000 piece fish puzzle has me in a trance!)

Happy New Year!

Doughnuts and a Date

Even after almost 12 years of being married, I still get super excited when my husband plans a date.  Despite all the daily chores, and the fact that we’re together mod of the day anyway, I still feel like a single girl looking forward to her evening date.  
dd 2

Last night was date night.  We got to go see Phil Wickham and Shane and Shane preform their awesome Christmas concert at our church.  It was beautiful.  But even more beautiful was the fact that my husband took all the kids for a date in the morning to get their Krispy Kreme buy 12 get 12 free on 12/12 day.

dd 1

I’m thinking this should be a new rule for all married men.   Before taking your wife out on a date in the evening, take the kids out for a date in the morning to give your wife some alone time.  Brilliant.

Thanks for a wonderful date, honey!