Japanese Tacos

My friend called it “California Roll Casserole.”  I shortened it to “Sushi Casserole”  Then my family re-named it “Japanese Tacos.”  Whatever you call it, having a dinner that all my kids love, (and that is quite simple), is a definite win!

suc 1

suc 2

suc 3


California Roll Sushi Casserole


-1/2 cup mayo

-1/2 cup sour cream (may substitute with mayo if you don’t have sour cream, which is usually the case at our house)

-1/4 cup chopped green onions (2 Stalks)

-1 pound or 500 g imitation crab meat, diced into 1/2 inch squares (We prefer the Kibun -Special Sea Stix brand found in Japanese markets)

-2 cups of rice grains

-2/3 jar of Nori Komi Furikake rice seasoning


  1.  Cook rice.  Sprinkle rice seasoning over cooked rice and mix.  Spread evenly onto 9×13 casserole dish.  Wet rice paddle to keep the rice from sticking to the paddle.


  1.  Combine all other ingredients and spread over rice layer.


  1.  Broil for 5 minutes. (On High)


  1. Serve casserole with square seaweed sheets, sliced avocado, and/or sliced cucumber, so everyone can make their own hand roll!


Fresh Bread

There is nothing like it, really.  Cozy comfort food.  I recently tried a variation on our standard bread using raisins, cinnamon, and pecans.  They loved it fresh out of the oven, but weren’t so fond of the leftovers for french toast.  (I’d have to say I agree — there is nothing better than sourdough for french toast!)  I think I’m going to try garlic or rosemary bread next!

frbr 1

We also did our traditional Easter bread to share with neighbors back at Easter.  Now that we’re talking about it, I don’t think I can wait until next Easter to make it, again!

frbr 2

It’s Not…

It’s not the fresh squeezed orange juice for breakfast…

It’s not the beautiful baskets of oranges…

It’s not that they don’t have seeds…

It’s not that they are organic…

It’s not that they make a perfect snack…

in 2

in 3

My favorite part of gathering oranges from the orchard we discovered is the smell of the orange blossoms.  (Though all the things mentioned above make me jump for joy, as well!)  We have been enjoying baskets of oranges for the last month, and will be quite sad when there are no more beautiful oranges to gather off the ground!

Spring Break 2016!

Spring break is finally upon us… hooray!!!  And, my husband is home the first four days… HOORAY!  He came home yesterday completely exhausted and went to take a nap, when this happened…

sbu 1

sbu 2

Yes, buried in every pillow, blanket, or sleeping bag around.  Sweet littles get so excited when daddy gets home!  Believe it or not, he was so tired he slept right through this for another couple hours.  He woke up just in time for Friday night pizza, then Good Friday service at church.

sbu 3

After church, we surprised the kids by going out to froyo.  (It was essentially bedtime).  That was a huge hit, but then we made it even more special; we stopped by a new park we had discovered just the day before.  The kids fell in love with it because it has a zipline.  The park was dark, of course, and empty… For the next hour we zipped and swung and slid and tackled and had the best time.  I am certain it will go down as a historic night for the Yeh family!

Lots more stuff on my spring break to-do list, (including catch-up on blogging!)  My, how wonderful breaks are indeed!

Tomorrow is Easter.  I am  so glad it is so much more than chicks and bunnies and candy!  The Son of God came down to earth and took my sin (and your sin) upon his shoulders.  He died, yes.  But, he rose again and is alive!  Hallelujah!

Happy Easter!

Pi Day

Seriously, I thought this was the cutest.  After a day spent at our homeschool co-op, I walked in the door to the most delicious smell.  My husband had made us a chicken pot pie for dinner in honor of “Pi Day.”  Being the former math teacher, my whole geeky self found this a most thoughtful and awesome thing.  The kids loved the dinner, but weren’t as fond of all the circle talk.  Maybe some day.  🙂

pi day

Home Again, Home Again

Words seem to have left me… It has been such a wonderful last few weeks!  We did our second Love Like You Mean It marriage cruise, and somehow enjoyed it as much as or more than the first!  Coming home is always bitter sweet.  It’s so great to see the kids, but of course there is lots of cleaning, laundry, meal planning, and school to be done.  (When is Easter break?)

Let me re-cap the day before we left; Valentine’s Day and my birthday.


My parents arrived the day before, armed with fairy house crafts, Valentine Bingo, books, and other tricks up their sleeves for a smooth week without Mom and Dad.


After church we went out to eat… but the real treat came at dinner time.  My husband has a tradition of not going out on Valentine’s Day, but always cooking himself to avoid the crowds. (Not to mention, he is a far better cook than most!)  He blessed us with an amazing meal of sushi, sashimi, miso fish, seared ahi, pickled cucumbers, and miso soup.  Yup.  I am one blessed lady!

vd1 vd2 vd3 vd4We finished with a sea salt coffee cake from my favorite bakery, 85 degrees.  Nom nom.



We snapped this photo, tucked the kids in, said goodbye, then packed and drove off to catch a red eye flight from Los Angeles to Miami.  I was happy to have this picture to show some of the incredible people we met on the cruise our family.  It’s hard to believe this picture was taken just a little over a week ago.  What a blessed week and a half it was!

Best Lunch Ever

Here’s the conversation I had with myself tonight.

Me:  Go to bed

Me:  But you have to blog

Me:  Can’t it wait… I’m tired

Me:  No!  You have to record your most special lunch ever!

Me:  OK, you win…

And that’s about how it went.  Truly, we had one of the most blessed days ever yesterday.  In fact, it was quite the weekend!  Friday we went to see Matt Maher after getting a call Wednesday from our local radio station that we won tickets.  Despite feeling sick, it was an AMAZING concert, and so much fun to have a date!  Sunday was our anniversary.  Let me skip right to dinner.  While the kids were at AWANA, we enjoyed a fun dinner of Spanish Tapas in Claremont.  As we both love trying new foods, (and this place was SO good), it was a lot of fun!

And now for the best lunch ever… Our girls gave us a list of ingredients they wrote from their new cookbook, and made us a wonderful lunch and dessert for our anniversary.  The table was even set with real flowers.  PRECIOUS!

ha 1

Daniel helped minimally, and I did nothing.  I think I kind of like having bigger kids.  Oh, and thank you Grandma for giving Allison the cookbook!

ha 2 ha 3 ha 4

ha 5

I only took one picture of the food and it was blurry.  Bummer.  But, both Daniel and I truly loved it all.

ha 6 ha 7 ha 8

ha 9

ha 10

For dessert, homemade tiramisu.  Sadly, the kids didn’t really like it — after all their hard work!  (I think Allison made it by herself.)  But, Daniel and I liked it.

Thank you for such a special anniversary surprise, kids!  You are a huge blessing, and loved more than you know!!

Wildcat Party!

Natalie turned 9!  Happy birthday, my sweet girl!

When you requested a wildcat birthday, I was at a total loss for what to do!  I made you give me a back-up theme in case I couldn’t find any ideas, but alas Pinterest came through with some fun ideas and God sparked a few in my mind just in the nick of time, as well.

9n 1 9n 2

Food is always one of the most exciting parts for the kids.  Some of the favorites this time were “tiger tots,” “tiger tails,” “tiger brownie favors,” “lion mane veggies,” “cheetah paw cupcakes,” and “lemony lion cake.”

9n 3 9n 4 9n 5 9n 6 9n 7

The kids are getting older… **sniff, sniff** I am certain they would still enjoy coloring, but I am trying to find other activities for when the guests first arrive and we are waiting for everyone to arrive.  I found a really cute website that had how to draw a lion, cheetah, jaguar, and leopard.

9n 8 9n 9

For the second activity, I wanted to use animal print little jewel stick-ons I got on clearance from Oriental Trading.  I literally had no idea what we would do until the morning the kids arrived.  I searched my craft cupboard and found a lot of little wooden pieces, some paint, some magnets, and some clothespins.  They made either ornaments or magnets.  Praise God for last-minute ideas and an art supply closet!

9n 10 9n 11 9n 12

Planning for the wildcat trivia was fascinating.  Now I know why Natalie enjoys reading about them so much!

9n 13

9n 14

9n 15

Natalie requested lemon cake.  I used this recipe, and it was a hit — I think I’ll have to use it every year for Natalie.

9n 16

9n 17 9n 18 9n 19

So many sweet presents… so many sweet friends…

9n 20 9n 21

 Love you, Christmas Baby!

Sierra’s Sixth Spa Party

Planning a birthday party for the day after Halloween is a bit exhausting.  But, having that extra hour of sleep was a huge blessing!  This year Sierra’s request was for a spa-themed birthday.  She gave me plenty of time to come up with ideas, but for some reason this was a tough one for me.  And, it snuck up quickly; (How is it November?)  As is always the case, things came together and we had a great time.

spa 2 spa 3

Since we had about a dozen girls coming, I decided to have four stations so that they didn’t have to wait too long for any one activity.  The stations were: face painting, (care of big sister Natalie), nail polish, (care of our favorite teenagers), spa sandal decorating, and face painting our paper model.

spa 4

Goody bags were care of Oriental Trading.

spa 5 spa 6.5 spa 6.7

Party food is usually my favorite part.  In this case, it is what prompted the entire theme.  Sierra saw the marshmallow/ tootsie roll “nail polish” pictured in a magazine and decided that was what she wanted for her birthday party…. hence, the theme.

spa 7 spa 8 spa 9

spa 10

spa 11

spa 12

spa 13

spa 14

Another favorite part of parties is having Sierra choose friends, then opening her presents with them.  I think it makes the guest feel special along with Sierra, (and provides for good pictures).  This year my oldest wrote down the gifts while my next oldest folded tissue paper and organized.  All I had to do was sip coffee, nibble on cake, and take a few pictures.  Aw, the joys of having “older” kids!

spa 15 spa 16

Hope you had a fun-filled spa day, my sweet six year old!  It was so fun to see you so mature this year.  You welcomed guests, tried to make sure everyone was included, and were such a gracious host.

Love you!!!