To Jam…

Remember the question?  Well, I had an answer… not to jam.  So, we decided to use peaches for everything; snacks, ice cream, and of course breakfast!


Then last night I was walking outside to turn on the grill for dinner and noticed we still had quite a few peaches… and they were falling to the ground!  My heart sank a little.  There is no way we could have eaten that many ripe peaches, and they were so ripe it would have been hard to give them away without them getting icky.  Immediately I began to pick them, totally forgetting the grill was on and dinner was soon.  I walked into the kitchen with a basketful only to hear, “I’m hungry.”  Gulp.  Dinner?!?!?  I let them snack o peaches while I quickly made dinner.  After dinner, we got right to work.

jp 1

I was shocked to open my cupboards and find a brand new pack of canning lids along with “new” (expired) boxes of pectin and my old jars from when I made apricot jam.  I’m not going to lie… the thought of making jam still scares me to death.  But, having done it once before, I was slightly more confident.

jp 2

The kids helped, though they should have been showering and heading to bed!  Some things are worth staying up for.  :)

jp 3 jp 4 jp 5 jp 6 jp 7

And… success!  It turned out wonderful, despite the expired pectin.  I even printed off some labels I found on Pinterest.  I am SO glad I decided to jam; even when I really didn’t have time.

jp 8

I think I am finally more confident to do this again… we will see!

The Hair

He just had a shower with his Papa.  I walked into the bathroom.  I saw him.  I ran out of the bathroom.  I was back with a camera in a flash.



He appears to be smiling.  In actuality, he was yelling, “No, don’t take my picture.”  But, this is my boy… perfectly captured.  Even when he tries to be fussy, he usually has a smile on his face.  I am so thankful for his joyful spirit.  I love you, Malachi Asher!  {Asher means ‘happy.’}

Cal Poly Pomona Horse Show

My kids love horses.  Love, love, love.  My husband loves Groupon.  So, when he found a Groupon for a horse show it was the perfect match.  The show is put on by college students at Cal Poly Pomona, and it’s a fun little show.  It lasts just about an hour, and then you get to walk around and see the horses.  We attended the last one of the year, but if you like horses at all I’d recommend going to a show next year.  They are the first Sunday of the month, and admission is very reasonable.












James and a Sharpie

Finally… I finished the project that was suppose to be my spring break project.  But, after going through 4 Sharpies it took me a while to get motivated to buy yet another.  Alas, I am done.  So… what was my project?  I decided I wanted to write the book of James on my bathroom wall using an orange Sharpie.  5 Sharpies later…

james 1

Let me warn you… it was very difficult for me to photograph, so the pictures aren’t very good.

james 3

Let me also warn you; writing on the wall with a Sharpie is fun and addicting.

james 4

james 5

And, I updated my shelves a bit.

james 6

It’s kind of fun to have a new “room…” even if it is the little potty room!  And I am truly working on memorizing the book of James every time I “go.”  Wanna hear?  Oh, wait…

Garden Update

I often wish I was just a “natural green thumb,” but really there is much to learn when starting a garden.  Unfortunately, we have learned lots through mistakes.  First, the good news… we had our first salad from the garden!  (By “we,” I mean Malachi and I.  That boy LOVES lettuce and wouldn’t stop eating mine until I gave him half my salad.)




1)  For some unknown reason our gerber a daisies died right away.

2)  We originally put down black cloth to deter weeds, but it turns out that kept the soil too hot and trapped moisture which invited fungus.  Oops.  So, we threw away the black cloth and replaced it with mulch.

3)  I made a homemade fungus spray from an online recipe.  It actually did help the fungus on the leaves, but turned all our marigolds black.  Bummer.

Good news:  I noticed we had an infestation of green lacewings on our fruit trees.  But, the trees have looked better than before.  Turns out, these little bugs eat the aphids and are wonderful to have in your garden.  People even purchase them like ladybugs to help the garden.  Hooray!

Lots more to learn… I’m excited about this process!