Tell Me You Do This…

Sometimes, (**ehem** often), I feel like I am doing a really poor job of teaching my kids things like responsibility and delayed gratification.  For example, most nights after dinner the kids have very little responsibility besides bringing their plates to the sink.  I think to myself, “After dinner I need them to clean their rooms,” or something to that effect.  Then dinner finishes and they begin happily playing together outside.  And, I am so happy they are playing nicely with each other that I completely forego asking them to clean.  Ugh.

What does that have to do with the following pictures?  Absolutely nothing.  As usual, I have lots of “crafting” pictures, and I am going to finish this post and then clean another crafting mess that I really should have had them clean.  (Of course, I do have them clean quite a bit, but sometimes it seems I just take the “easier” route of doing it myself, which seems to be happening far too often, lately.)

tm 1

Painting the birdhouses from the Easter Bunny.

tm 2

Making a “Zoo” with friends.

tm 3

Doing a life-size self-portrait.  If you’ve read this blog for a while, it may seem like we do these all the time… we really don’t!

tm 4


Our tree is so loaded this year, though most of the peaches are quite small.  I say this every year, but I really am going to read about how to take better care of the tree so that we get larger peaches next year!  Anyway, we enjoyed our first few peaches, and are looking forward to lots more.

fp 1

fp 2

fp 3

Hiking the Waterfall

Yet another “While I was away” post… (I bet the kids are ready for me to go, again!)  The kids hiked all the way to the waterfall without the backpack.  This is a first.. and my hubby brought the camera, which is also a first!








The forecast calls for some cooler temps this week… I hope I can talk them into going again, with me!

Perler Beads and Graph Paper

I keep a small basket in my closet filled with books, dollar store items, and other fun little things that my kids lovingly refer to as “the prize basket.”  They have various ways to earn a prize, and it’s nice to have on hand.  Half the things in there, I couldn’t even tell you where they came from anymore.  One such item was a tablet of graph paper that was overlooked over and over again.  Last time Natalie was looking through the basket, I suggested that perhaps she could use the graph paper to draw her own perler bead designs.  She was immediately sold.  This weekend she decided to draw out a pattern for a stuffed parrot she has named “Jabber.”  I was SO impressed… it’s a little weird when your eight-year-old does something that you don’t think you could have done yourself!  He’s not done yet, but check out Jabber:


And, as with all crafts there is always the possibility for this:  (Don’t look too closely at how dirty my floors are!)




Happy crafting!

Lemonade Ice Cream

Have you tried the new lemonade frosties at Chick-fil-a?  The kids and I were so excited to try them, and then a little disappointed.  In our opinion, they were not “lemony” enough.  I told them we could try to make them on our own some time.  Apparently, it was time while I was away.  (My husband is amazing!)  They decided to make some lemonade ice cream, and I am happy to report there was enough leftover for me to have a bowl last night.  YUMMMMMMM!!!

li 1

li 2

li 3

li 4

I am also happy to report our freezer is full of several more containers of lemon juice from our lemon tree earlier this year.  I foresee lots more lemonade ice cream in our summer future!

Forever Wild

I have my assistant, (Allison), sitting next to me because I have no idea about these pictures since I wasn’t there!  All I can tell you is several years back, we saw an episode of Extreme Home Makeover, (remember that show?), and we heard about this place.  When we looked it up, we discovered it was fairly close by.  Looks like a fun time was had by all!

fw 1

fw 2 fw 3 fw 4 fw 5 fw 6 fw 7

While I was away…

One week ago today I was flying up to see my Mom and help her transition home from the hospital.  I am so grateful I had the opportunity to be there.  Meanwhile, my hubby brilliantly took pictures of all their happenings… even down to his adorable breakfast helper while I was gone!

pancakes 1

More pictures to come.. they had a great time while I was gone!  On the phone, Allison commented, “Mom, you are normally my favorite breakfast maker, but when you’re away Papa makes the best breakfasts including the fluffiest of fluffy waffles.”  Too cute!