It’s been two weeks since a sweet mom in our homeschool co-op announced that she was going to have the kids do a musical, “Back to the Cross.”  Most of the kids were super excited, including my own — except one.  This girl adamantly insisted on not being a part of it, and did not show up for the first rehearsal.  Again at the second rehearsal, she made it clear that she would only sit through it because she had to wait for her sisters, but she would not participate.  Then this sweet mom found out and personally asked Sierra to be a part of it.  I followed it up by letting her know this lady really wanted her.  That’s all it took.

Nowadays you can find her sitting next to the cd player on the counter belting out the songs and enjoying every minute of it.  She’s thrilled.  So thrilled, she is going to request a solo at the next practice.  We’ll see if she follows through.  Oh, I hope she does!  Listening to her brought tears to my eyes.  She is so passionate and has such stamina for practicing.  That is certainly something we struggle with together in almost any other subject, so to find something she loves has me beyond thrilled!  She even asked if I thought she could be in musicals when she was older.  (I’m telling you, the turn-around was crazy!)  I responded, “If that is God’s will for you, then that would be awesome!”

I know she’s young.  I don’t expect her to have her life or passions figured out in the least.  But, to see that spark in her eye and to hear her singing the amazing lyrics — they are mostly scripture-based songs — filled my heart!  Sometimes all we need is a small glimpse into our kids, and God has given us a huge gift.  At least, that’s what it feels like to me; such a gift!

Now to try to get to sleep without the musical soundtrack repeating through my brain!

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