Wildcat Party!

Natalie turned 9!  Happy birthday, my sweet girl!

When you requested a wildcat birthday, I was at a total loss for what to do!  I made you give me a back-up theme in case I couldn’t find any ideas, but alas Pinterest came through with some fun ideas and God sparked a few in my mind just in the nick of time, as well.

9n 1 9n 2

Food is always one of the most exciting parts for the kids.  Some of the favorites this time were “tiger tots,” “tiger tails,” “tiger brownie favors,” “lion mane veggies,” “cheetah paw cupcakes,” and “lemony lion cake.”

9n 3 9n 4 9n 5 9n 6 9n 7

The kids are getting older… **sniff, sniff** I am certain they would still enjoy coloring, but I am trying to find other activities for when the guests first arrive and we are waiting for everyone to arrive.  I found a really cute website that had how to draw a lion, cheetah, jaguar, and leopard.

9n 8 9n 9

For the second activity, I wanted to use animal print little jewel stick-ons I got on clearance from Oriental Trading.  I literally had no idea what we would do until the morning the kids arrived.  I searched my craft cupboard and found a lot of little wooden pieces, some paint, some magnets, and some clothespins.  They made either ornaments or magnets.  Praise God for last-minute ideas and an art supply closet!

9n 10 9n 11 9n 12

Planning for the wildcat trivia was fascinating.  Now I know why Natalie enjoys reading about them so much!

9n 13

9n 14

9n 15

Natalie requested lemon cake.  I used this recipe, and it was a hit — I think I’ll have to use it every year for Natalie.

9n 16

9n 17 9n 18 9n 19

So many sweet presents… so many sweet friends…

9n 20 9n 21

 Love you, Christmas Baby!

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