The Puzzle

Well, then…. do you remember the puzzle that we dumped out on New Year’s Eve?  Basically, it looked like this:

puz 1

And then I became obsessed over it… and worked… and worked…

puz 2

and worked…  (it didm’t help that it was cold and rainy outside and warm and cozy inside… or that I was exhausted from the “busyness” of Christmas break and just wanted to rest… or that my personality cannot stand to walk by an unfinished puzzle!)  So, alas…

puz 3

I completed the puzzle!  I even had a little help from my 2nd daughter and husband.  HOORAY!  I told my kids the word “psychedelic” meant colorful, though I knew it was more crazy than that.  To satisfy my own curiosity, I looked it up only to find it had nothing to do with color.  It means “pertaining to drugs.”  Oops.  Anyway, now that the crazy puzzle is over, I am hoping to be more productive.  We did accomplish school this week… even if I did have to answer math problems while searching for a puzzle piece.  🙂

See, Daniel… if we just had a cabin, I could move all our puzzles up there and I wouldn’t have any puzzles to distract me from my duties here at home.  And, we would have fun putting them together while up in the cabin with the snow falling outside.  Win, win!

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