Yet Another Canvas

I’m losing count now… how many canvas painting days have we had this year?  It is indeed a fun and special art project my girls just love.  This time was extra special.  I gave the girls the paint colors and no other instructions or help.  They came up with their pictures completely on their own, and then did them without copying anything.  The only exception was Allison asked me to dot her a teapot, (Which I did upside down, but she made it look awesome!)

Natalie did a dog, bird, and butterfly…

Did you know teacups can hear?  Ha!  Gotta love new spellers.

Once they were done, we took some embroidery floss and sewed around some of the images.  I really should show you the end result; I believe I will be hanging these soon!


I took this picture about two weeks ago.  I took it for one reason only; I knew it would be one of the last memories of a girl who both naps and wears diapers.  I didn’t think it would be just two weeks later that I would indeed have a diaperless, napless girl!  I remember taking a picture of Natalie right before we took away her favorite lovie, “Gogo.”  She is holding Gogo and sucking her thumb.  That was how she always looked.   I took the picture and remember thinking, “Some day she won’t suck her thumb and I’ll forget what this looks like!”  Indeed, just a few weeks later the “Gogo fairy” came, (I bet you didn’t know there was a Gogo fairy!) and Natalie has not sucked her thumb since.  That picture is now on our fireplace and is so precious… indeed, if it were not for that picture I would not be able to remember a Natalie who sucked her thumb as much as she breathed!

In my fatigue, (and believe me I am living on coffee these days!) I want to still appreciate these moments.  I want to remember.  I want to stop and take the picture.  It is precious to me… a memory that will soon fade.  It is priceless!

Allison’s 7th Birthday Beach Trip


As I mentioned in my Farrell’s post, we did indeed go to the beach to celebrate Allison’s 7th birthday.  Since I love a good beach picture, I had to go back and blog this.  Isn’t this such a precious picture of my dad, (Grandpa), and Malachi?


The happy birthday girl.


Ooh, I could eat you up little adorable mister.


Allison and I had a blast playing in the waves.






Don’t let the grumpy look fool you; she had a blast, too.  I believe this was telling her it was time to go.




Father’s Day 2012

We had a fun-filled Father’s Day!  It began at 8:00 when the girls presented Daniel with breakfast in bed; his favorite breakfast, an omelet.

Next came the first “clue.” You see, Daniel had no idea what was in store for the day, and instead of telling him, we gave him a clue or card or present every hour of the day.  The first was both a card and a clue informing him he needed to get ready and be in the car in one hour.

Our monkey in all her mop-head glory!

Our first destination was bowling!It is an empty place on Sunday mornings, not-to-mention dads bowled for free on Father’s day.  I was certain Sierra would want to bowl, so we rented her shoes but instead she wanted to play in the game area the entire time.  Oh, well!  At least I got a cute picture of her in her bowling shoes!

We were suppose to do sushi for lunch, but our favorite place was closed.  Bummer.  We enjoyed some Chinese, instead.  Then came home for a swim!

Two more presents; “nuts about dad” (made from an old salad dressing jar recycled), and his favorite homemade oatmeal raisin cookies.

Oh — and did I mention we ran out of diapers and randomly decided to potty train that day?  SO not my favorite part of motherhood… (but, she did surprisingly well, and it will make this a memorable father’s day!)

Finally, dinner… golden garlic rosemary potatoes, red spinach, and grilled ribs.  It was a meal fit for a king -er- the king of our family.  We love you dearly, Daniel!



Another one from the bucket list… what’s a summer without s’mores?


Of course, I wish we were camping!  I desperately miss my days of camping.  Somehow, we haven’t found much time to camp with the kiddos.  It’s another thing on the bucket list this year… perhaps in September when everybody else is back at school!


We have skewers for marshmallows… the girls opted to find sticks.  I guess they wanted to be “authentic.”  Personally, I could do without the piney flavor!


Yummy… Happy official summer!!


Old Fashion Letters

It’s hard to believe we’re nearing the end of June, already.  For the past few years I’ve eyed all the cool summer bucket lists on various blogs and vowed to do one myself.  This year I finally did it, and we’ve been working our way through ever since.  One project the kids thought would be fun was to use our plethora of chicken feathers as a quill to write a letter to our friends.  It was a fun, (but messy) experiment!  I just used a bottle of ink I’ve had forever that is suppose to be to fill a stamp pad.  Hooray for old-fashioned fun!

Potty Training

It started on Father’s Day.  We woke-up and realized we were out of diapers and had 2 options; potty-train or run to the store.  Everything in me wanted to run to the store.  I even knew Target was having a clearance on diapers.  We chose to potty train, and have been exhausted ever since.  Thankfully, it is going ok.

First, let me explain the picture.  Some friends were over and getting ready to leave.  I gave them each a treat.  Sierra wanted one, as well.  She has been living on treats for going potty, so I said “No.”  She cried.  (More like, she screamed bloody murder.)  It lasted almost an hour.  She hasn’t napped in weeks.  We had spent the entire afternoon swimming.  She was spent, and this was the result. I am so thrilled to have this adorable picture.  I cant wait to have it blown-up and hung in my bathroom!

As far as potty-training goes, she hasn’t been so good at going peeps.  She is starting to realize it only now on day 6.  But, she goes number 2 all by herself on the big potty and only tells us when she needs a wipe.  Now that has been cool — and totally unexpected.  I am so happy she prefers the big potty.  Who likes cleaning those little nasty things anyway?  I am also loving squeezing that little undie bottom.  I love when they first change over from diapers! 🙂


For Allison’s birthday, we started a tradition last year… she likes to go to the beach!  It’s amazing how kids can jump and play in waves long past lunch time and forget that they’re hungry.  And, that is exactly what happened; until we got in the car!  Then it was time to pull out just enough of a snack to hold them off until we got to Farrell’s!

I discovered Farrell’s garlic basil fries, and I think I am in lov.  Something about that hint of basil with the garlic; hands-down my favorite fries!

Of course, what is Farrell’s without ice cream — especially on a birthday?We were so blessed to have Grandma and Grandpa with us, as well!

We told the lady that Allison likes cherries – ha!  Check out her sundae.

Happy birthday, my sweet seven year old!

Rainbow Collage

With summer here and no projects we HAVE to get done for school, it’s been so nice just to relax!  At the same time, the girls still enjoy some structured activities here and there, and that’s when I defer to my bucket list.  A few weeks back, a friend of mine with older kids was going through her junk treasures and the girls inherited a nice collection of books, as well as magazines.  I knew right away I would save the magazines for a collage, and decided to add it to our summer bucket list.  I decided this day we would take the magazines and make a rainbow collage.

We cut.  We ripped.  We found fun articles and jokes.  We pasted using glue and a paintbrush.  This is what we came up with:

She’s a beauty, isn’t she?