Looking Back…

Blogging can be so unpredictable for me.  I wonder if other bloggers do this…. Sometimes, I just go into my pictures and see what’s been happening, not having a clue what I am about to blog about.  A picture will catch my eye, and boom — that’s it!  Such was the case tonight.  I looked back and realized there were a few things I never blogged about before Christmas because I didn’t want my Mom, (#1 fan), to see before she got here.

  1.  Pierced Ears.  Our two oldest girls finally got their ears pierced.  They wanted to surprise their Grandma, so I wasn’t allowed to blog about it.  We thought it would be a quick process, but with the paper work and Christmas crowds, it seemed to take forever.  The two youngest were so sweet and encouraging and I was VERY proud of them; especially Sierra, who can’t wait to get them pierced herself.  And Malachi, who was exhausted.  And Daniel, who was stuck in a crowded girly shop holding Malachi.  And Allison and Natalie who were super brave.

pe 1 pe 2 pe 3

        2.  Another biggie: Sierra learned to ride her bike without training wheels.  The irony is, she hardly rode it with training wheels.  She did much better without!  I don’t remember what prompted Daniel to take them off, but he did and off she went.  Great job, Sierra!  (I think Malachi is almost ready, too!)

pe 4

       3.  Our Christmas picture.  I never put it on here so our cards wouldn’t be spoiled.  I actually should have zoomed it in a bit, but we had fun taking the picture in our chicken yard.  I’m glad I don’t have to think about it again until next year!

pe 5

So I guess that’s what I am blogging about today!  We’ll see what tomorrow brings.  🙂

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