The Best… day 4

I know you’re going to find this hard to believe, but last night someone broke into our house in the middle of the night, turned-on Malachi’s light making him scream, and then stole the peanut butter and escaped.  Seriously.  Ok, so maybe he didn’t steal the peanut butter.  (after searching for a bazillion minutes this morning, it finally turned-up in the veggie drawer.)  And, I suppose it is unlikely someone broke in last night since all the doors were locked and the dog didn’t bark.  But, I did hear Malachi scream at 3am, went to his room, and found his door was shut but his big bright light was on.  I was mystified and slightly terrified, to say the least.  The only thing I can think is that Allison was sleep walking again, went and turned on his light, then went back to bed… I don’t know!  Crazy, huh?  Then when I was looking for the peanut butter and couldn’t find it this morning, a crazy thought did come to my mind.  Funny what sleep-deprivation will do, right?

Anyway, I promised to share the best this week so let me continue with that.  I will conclude with the worst, only because when I type it out it seems more comical.  Plus, I don’t want to give any false impressions that it’s all the best around here!  Onward!

the b 1

Sister-brother kisses are the best!

the b 2

Little boys pretending to do schoolwork like their big sisters are the best!

the b 3

Sponge stamp painting is the best!

the b 4

Italian wedding soup is the best… (even if my kids don’t think so!)

the b 6

This girl getting her first ever braids is the best!

the b 7

One year olds discovering they can blow the lid off their cups if they blow enough bubbles are the best!

the b 8Hand-picked gerber daisies from a 3-yr-old are the best!
Some of the worst… (you know, for laughter’s sake!)

  • mouthwash being dumped on the floor by a certain 3-yr-old because her mom accidentally poured it for her not knowing she wanted to pour it herself
  • 1,000,000,000,000 pearler beads exploding all over the kitchen and family room.  (I may be exaggerating by a million or so).
  • My oldest getting a giant pencil lead stuck in her leg.  (eeeooow!)
  • I believe I mentioned the mysterious 3am baby-screaming because of mystery light-on incident
  • chickie. poop. everywhere.
  • one-year-old insisting on holding his own food and/ or utensil resulting in numerous clean-ups.

HA! HA! HA!  🙂


2 responses to “The Best… day 4

  1. Ouch! Were you able to get the lead out? Frank STILL has a piece stuck in him from when he was a kid. It never came out and you can still see it. One of these days I should tackle him, send him to the doctor, and have it removed.
    Loved the pictures!

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