The Best… Day 3

More of the best… are you ready?

tbest 2

Walking into this boy’s room after his nap is the best.  Especially when he jumps up and down with that smile.  Oh, and especially when the nap was a very necessary 3 hours.

tbest 3

Let me interpret:  “Wait a minute, Mom.  You never walk in with that big black thing.  Why are you pointing it at me instead of picking me up for cuddle time?  I don’t like this at all.  No.  Not one little bit!”  (Toddlers who don’t understand their mom’s need to blog are the best!)

tbest 1

Pearler beads are the best!  (Even if a certain 3-yr-old knocked about 3 trillion all over the floor!)

tbest 1.5

Ummm… Sierra… didn’t you get the memo?  We’re focusing on the best here.  No more grumpy face, ok?

tbest 4

Menu planned dinners are the best!  No thinking required — just have to remember to possibly defrost meat.  I can be either really good at meal planning, or really bad.  The past few months I’ve been really bad.  Finally I had enough.  I was tired of winging it.  Sunday I sat down for a good hour or two and planned out meals for this month.  This week has been such a breeze… why don’t I always plan?  (Because I really don’t enjoy that part; duh!)

The rest of the Best from today (not pictured):

$1 scoop night at Handel’s… yum; the best!

Haircuts that are long overdue; the best

Talking to my husband in Boston and my dear friend in Texas… the BEST!


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