Plan B

We woke-up and looked outside. Yep.  It was raining… quite hard.  Allison walked down the stairs and exclaimed, “Mom, you’re a genius!”  Nice words to hear first thing in the morning… especially when you know you have some disappointing news to share.

plan b 1

“What do you mean?”  I asked.

plan b 2 Collage

“You know… our Bible verse.  ‘You can make your plans, but the Lord determines your steps.’  This is the perfect way to teach us!  We wanted to go to Knott’s Berry Farm, but now we can’t because of the rain!”

plan b 3 Collage

I’m not sure how I became a genius from that.  But, the impact was real.  And, I am SO proud of my daughter for looking at this as a life lesson, and not pouting at all.  In fact, all the girls reacted just fine.  And, the big girls actually opted to do school.  It was truly a blessing.  How awesome that God used a little rain to speak to their hearts!

plan b 4

Once we finished our school work I pulled out some canvases for a little Valentine craft.  It also seemed appropriate since it was our anniversary.  I saw the idea on Pinterest to use pencil erasers to dot-in hearts.

plan b 5

Each of the girls did a canvas, (though Sierra was done after about 2 minutes!)  Allison sewed the “Love” onto hers.  And, all together this is how they turned out:

plan b 6

We still had a wonderful family day.

plan b 7 Collage

Then we had a fun fondue dinner.  I love, love, love my family!  Happy Anniversary, Babe!


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