Dirt, Bubbles, and Hearts

I think I figured out why I can’t seem to get on top of laundry or cleaning around here.

dirt 1

He has a name.

dirt 2


dirt 3

If it’s not a blow-out, tearing open cupboards, or climbing onto counters to dump and squeeze whatever is in reach, it’s discovering how to make charcoal showers.  Oh, sweet boy!

dirt 4

Luckily he cleans-up well.  🙂

dirt 5

And, he finally enjoys baths.  (Mostly because he has a built-in toy the girls didn’t have – ha!)  But, he also loves brushing his hair — and mine!

dirt 6

And speaking of not being able to get things done, we pulled out our Valentine decor on Saturday.

dirt 7

Let’s just say the house doesn’t look a whole lot different than in these pictures!

dirt 8

Sierra found her bag immediately, along with an old tube of conversation hearts that went right in!

dirt 9

I finally got around to decorating Malachi’s bag!  Last year was just a bit too stressful.  I’m sure he’ll have a blast pulling these off the backs of chairs!

dirt 10

And, he’s off…

dirt 11

I LOVE this old V-day picture of Natalie and Allison.  Makes me smile every year when I pull it out!

dirt 12

In a hurry to get at least one thing up and off the floor, I hung our wreath right over some of our spelling words!

dirt 13

And, with each bin we pull out, Sierra always gravitates towards one stuffed bear and never lets go.  She’s been toting around this pink teddy since Saturday.  She now has an orange Halloween bear, a Christmas teddy, and this Valentine bear on her bed!

dirt 14

Allison got right to making notes, coupons, and jokes for our bags.  So precious!  I love that girl!

dirt 15

Once we pulled all the stuff out and made a sufficient mess, Allison noted that we didn’t find any leftover heart lollipops as we had in years past.  She wanted to buy some for her sisters.  So, why not?  We hopped in the car and headed to the store.  Our first stop was JoAnn’s for some Valentine fabric since we need more pillows around here, and then to the Dollar Tree where Allison bought her sisters some lollipops.

The kids are now asleep, and it’s time for me to get this place picked up and decorated!  For one thing, I am hoping the neighbors see our heart wreath and flag outside and finally decide to take down their Christmas decorations!  Also, tomorrow is our anniversary, so I think it’s fun to have the house all heart-sy and romantic for both Valentine’s Day and our anniversary!


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