Knott’s Berry Farm 2013

It’s a tradition.  Every January, Daniel takes the girls to Knott’s Berry Farm for their free firefighter promotion.  I have never gone.  I’ve always been recovering from c-sections or nursing a small infant… until this year!

knotts 1 Collage

To be honest, it was a tough decision.  All morning long my eyes caught hold of things that needed to be done around the house.  My thoughts were driving me crazy…. “I should be a good mom and go play with my family.  I should be a good mom and stay home and take care of the laundry, organizing and cleaning that are so desperately needed.”  Back and forth they went.. it was a nice little ping pong match in my head!  Honestly, I didn’t even know I was going until I heard myself say, “Come on and get in the car.  It’s time to go!”   I even shocked my family.

knotts 2

It really was a beautiful day.  As you walk in the park, you first enter “Ghost Town,’ which made me laugh because the place literally felt like a ghost town; there was hardly anybody there!

knotts 3

Sierra is at a really fun age now where theme parks are pretty exciting.  (Of course, nothing beats the carousel still!)

knotts 4 Collage

Malachi is at a fun age, too.  He’s aware of his surroundings and able to enjoy himself, though still completely unaware of what’s happening.

knotts 5 half

This poor sweetie was just a tad short for some of the “bigger” rides.  I can’t wait for her to ride the swings next year!

knotts 5

knotts 6

Family picture, take 29 or so… (notice my “cheesy” smile!)

knotts 7

Allison’s last year riding the little tug cars.  Next year she’ll be to tall!

knotts 8

knotts 9

And, the “Sierra Sidewinder.”  We were told it was a great “starter” roller coaster for the little ones.  Say wha– this ride was crazy!  It went so fast I couldn’t even catch my breath to look at Natalie or ask how she was doing.  When I finally caught a glimpse, all I saw was sheer terror.  She did not like it one bit!  Allison, on the other hand, (and on the other side of us), had a blast.  She went again with Papa, and then on Jaguar 3 times.  She was thrilled to be tall enough, and discovered a love of roller coasters.  I think Natalie would have loved Jaguar, as well, had she been tall enough.  Whoever said this ride was for beginners must have crazy wild children!

knotts 10

So it was a tough decision, but absolutely the right choice in the end.  This day had been postponed due to sickness and/or rain at least 3 times.  We didn’t think we could squeeze it in, but somehow we did.  Now I’m hooked — already looking forward to next year!


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