A New Baker

Baking is not a special occasion around here.  In fact, most mornings you will find me in the kitchen baking something for breakfast.  Muffins are a favorite, (of mine), and I have 3 recipes I rotate and change up quite often.  This week I already made raspberry muffins and glorious morning muffins.  The kids enjoy them, but don’t get all that excited.  So, you can imagine my surprise when my oldest asked to bake muffins today!

bag 1

Well, she didn’t exactly ask to bake muffins.  She said she wasn’t sure what she was in the mood to do.  When I suggested reading and she turned it down, I almost fell on the floor.  This girl can read several books a day and it’s usually hard for me to pull her away.  Crafts also got a no — another surprise.  When I asked if she wanted to try baking by herself, she got super excited.  (So did I!)  So, I gave her the recipe and sent her off.

bag 2

Her little sister took the craft option, but enjoyed the fruits of Allison’s labor!  I can’t believe my big girl can make muffins on her own now!  I see a lot more baking in her future.  Happy Sunday!


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