Garden Journals, pt. 5

So…. part 5!  (This was before spring break, which feels like eons ago!)  For part 5 in our garden journals, I had the kids copy pictures of all the birds we commonly see in our backyard.  We used colored pencils, which are my favorite!  We learned that the birds I was calling turtle doves are actually mourning doves.  I also learned their sound is much like an owl, and I grew up hearing them so they must live near my parents, as well!

gj6 1

gj6 2

gj6 3

gj6 4

gj6 5

My favorite bird, (which I sadly did not capture with my camera this time), was the cedar waxwing.  We were surprised to find 4 or 5 of them huddling around a puddle in our backyard one Sunday morning before church.  When we looked up their breed, we discovered they are a northwest bird, who were probably just down here for the winter.  We have not seen one since!  Thankfully, we still see robins once in a while and hummingbirds daily.

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