Easter 2016

Happy Easter!  We enjoyed a quiet, family Easter mostly at home.  (If you can call our 4 kiddos quiet!)  We began with the Easter story and “Easter baskets,” (mini German pancakes) for breakfast.
e16 1
e16 2

e16 3

After breakfast we had a mad dash to get showered and get to church.  The kids came with us into service, which I always enjoy during Holidays.  I love for them to see how we worship and “do church.”  Afterwards, we stayed for the next service to serve while the kids went to Sunday school.  We came home tired and hungry, but were soon re-energized for our Easter egg hunt!

e16 4

e16 5

e16 6

e16 7

e16 8

I love how the Easter bunny actually hid all the eggs really well this year — in bushes and trees and not just scattered on the grass.  Aw, the joys of “older” kids!

e16 9

We couldn’t finish our celebration without making some butter mint play dough.  That is one tradition the kids just love; it is tasty, super fun, and easy to make!

e16 10

 The afternoon proved to be tiring.  To combat our fatigue, we walked to the horse stables, then the park.  Our intention was to go out to Chinese for dinner afterward.  We had had friends over the night before and were looking for simple.  We were so tired, we took simple to the next level — we made frozen potstickers for dinner.  I had to laugh.  While others were probably feasting on ham with company, we were perfectly content to eat our frozen potstickers, let the kids play a little Wii, then call it a night.

I hope you had a blessed Easter!

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