St. Paddy’s Day 2016 (Minus Shamrock Shakes!)

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  Though we are not Irish, the green milk and Lucky Charms breakfast is a favorite tradition around here.  

spd16 1

spd16 2

spd16 3

Traditions really are special.  Though I know my kids won’t eat them, I had to make my Irish Soda Bread muffins with green sugar on top.  (At least I enjoyed them with my coffee!)

spd16 4

And, another tradition of ours… getting Shamrock Shakes with friends.  Well, guess what?  There were no Shamrock Shakes this year!  I have yet to figure out what Mc Donald’s was thinking!  We still enjoyed an incredible day with friends, decorating cupcakes and playing in their awesome yard.

spd16 6

spd16 5

spd16 10

spd16 8

spd16 7

spd16 9

I guess from now on we will just have to make our own Shamrock Shakes!

3 responses to “St. Paddy’s Day 2016 (Minus Shamrock Shakes!)

  1. You could go to the Starbucks inside Calvary Chapel in Redlands (Packinghouse)– they have a Shamrock Mocha all month 🙂

  2. Just saw this– lol I’m not reading often enough! Read your fun posts late at night once or twice a week :). We need to come out to say hi and bring back the history books we borrowed. Maybe we’ll just have to take a spontaneous drive sometime…

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