Garden Journals, pt. 1

I’ve had this idea in my head for a spring time activity for a while, but have never actually attempted it. Lately, our school work has seemed just like that; work.  It was time for a fun activity that we could all do together.  I am truly hoping by keeping these garden journals, we will be inspired to get going on our garden!

GJ 1

First, we decorated our {brown bag} covers with stickers and markers.

gj 2

gj 4Our first entry was picking a seed packet, copying it with black marker, and then water coloring it.  Seed packets are so cool!

gj 3

 Somehow, I think that I have to have everything organized and ready to go before jumping into a project.  But, when I give in and start a project before actually knowing all that it will entail, God inevitably fills in the gaps and gives me the creativity I need right when I need it.  I am now filled with ideas, and can’t wait for more journal pages!  Praise God for his faithfulness.  Why can’t I remember to lean on Him more often?
gj 5 gj 6 gj 7 gj 8

Didn’t they turn out lovely?  This really is what our school day needed… a little fun project the kids could look forward to, do together, and inspire us toward our garden!

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