LLYMI Marriage Cruise, part 2

Our first full day at sea ended on a somewhat shocking note… We were informed late that evening that the ship had been turned around and that there was a medical emergency.  That was all the information we were given.  My initial reaction was, “Ha!  They’re joking.”  Don’t ask me why — any sane person could hear from the captain’s voice that this was quite serious.  So, we would no longer be going to Grand Cayman or Jamaica.  Instead, we were headed back to Florida; Key West, and then on to the Bahamas.

I don’t like to admit my disappointment.  We were so blessed to be on that ship, and most certainly we were on it for much more than a few excursions.  The heart of the Love Like You Mean It Marriage Cruise is the speakers/ musicians you hear, as well as all the incredible people you meet from all over the country.  The excursions are just an added bonus.  And yet, selfishly, I was disappointed.   But, we prayed for the poor lady who needed help and her family and then it was time for Mercy Me in concert… Again, how could I be disappointed?

cmm 1

The concert was so incredibly fun.  I couldn’t stop thinking of my kiddos, who love Mercy Me… and then I’d be worshipping… and then thinking of my kiddos… and then worshipping some more.  Awesome night.

cmm 2

The next morning we arrived at Key West, and decided to rent bikes for the entire day.  Best. Decision. It was a gorgeous day — not too hot or cold.  Being on a bike made me feel like I was 10 years old, again.

cmm 3

Our first stop — just like last year — was to get postcards and then to head to the post office to mail them. Of course, I had to take pictures of the chickens and roosters, again!

cmm 4 cmm 5

A local told us about Sandy’s Cafe, so we stopped for some Cuban bread and Cuban coffee.  Honestly, I wish we had been hungrier because the menu looked so yummy!  Important to note; this was my first ever coffee date with my husband; and he actually likes Cuban coffee!  I see lots more coffee dates in our future.  🙂

cmm 6 cmm 7

cmm 8

cmm 9 cmm 10 cmm 11

cmm 12

When we got back, we decided to cool off with a quick trip down the water slide.  We had promised the kids that this year we would do it, since we never got around to it last year.  We did several runs and took videos.  It was a great way to end the day.  God is so faithful.  As much as I had wanted to do Grand Cayman, I was already feeling quite tired, and sleeping in along with a relaxed day was just what we needed!

cmm 13

cmm 14

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