Love Like You Mean It Marriage Cruise, part 1

Last time I left you, we were headed out to catch a red-eye flight from LA to Miami.  Let me pick it up from there.  Like most red-eyes, it wasn’t a super comfy or fun flight, but we did have Venus Williams on board with us.  I think that was my first time flying with a celebrity.  We arrived and headed to the nearest airport restaurant where I couldn’t wait for a Cuban coffee.  It didn’t disappoint.  And the best part was, my husband tried mine and actually liked it, so we got another.  I have always wanted to share coffee with him.  (I know it’s a weird ‘thing,’ but it totally made me happy!)

cp1 1

We caught a taxi to the cruise ship and had a good chunk of time to wait.  Once again, it was just fun to watch people arrive, and we had a good time talking to some people who sat next to us.

cp1 2

Once we boarded, we got a quick bite to eat and then headed to our cabin for a nap.  We learned form last year the importance of resting when possible.  When dinner time arrived, we met up with a cool couple we had met the year before, along with other awesome people for dinner.  This time around, I was really blessed by the dinner conversations and all the people we met over the course of the week.

cp1 3

After dinner, we had our first major dilemma; which entertainment to pick.  We had 3 options, and decided to see Harris the third — an illusionist.  The show blew me away.  I have always been a little freaked out by magic.  My little pea brain that thinks it should know how everything works was always so disturbed by the fact that I couldn’t figure out magic, and therefore it must be evil.  Seeing a Christian magician perform was a must.  Not only were his tricks phenomenal, but the way he tied in his testimony and truth just made the show.  We decided right then that we would have to see him perform again.  And so ended our first night…

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