Home Again, Home Again

Words seem to have left me… It has been such a wonderful last few weeks!  We did our second Love Like You Mean It marriage cruise, and somehow enjoyed it as much as or more than the first!  Coming home is always bitter sweet.  It’s so great to see the kids, but of course there is lots of cleaning, laundry, meal planning, and school to be done.  (When is Easter break?)

Let me re-cap the day before we left; Valentine’s Day and my birthday.


My parents arrived the day before, armed with fairy house crafts, Valentine Bingo, books, and other tricks up their sleeves for a smooth week without Mom and Dad.


After church we went out to eat… but the real treat came at dinner time.  My husband has a tradition of not going out on Valentine’s Day, but always cooking himself to avoid the crowds. (Not to mention, he is a far better cook than most!)  He blessed us with an amazing meal of sushi, sashimi, miso fish, seared ahi, pickled cucumbers, and miso soup.  Yup.  I am one blessed lady!

vd1 vd2 vd3 vd4We finished with a sea salt coffee cake from my favorite bakery, 85 degrees.  Nom nom.



We snapped this photo, tucked the kids in, said goodbye, then packed and drove off to catch a red eye flight from Los Angeles to Miami.  I was happy to have this picture to show some of the incredible people we met on the cruise our family.  It’s hard to believe this picture was taken just a little over a week ago.  What a blessed week and a half it was!

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