Valentine “School” 2016

It’s been a long week… a long, exhausting month, really.  I can’t say it’s been bad.  I am just a bit worn out.  When that happens, I usually try to push-through and stick with the plan, but the kids know when I am worn out.  My temper is shorter.  Our “fun” includes lots of Mom yelling, “Why did you spill this?” And, “Hey, I need some help over here.”

thod 1

I really don’t like it when I am short-tempered with my kids.  It hurts my heart when I reflect on my day.  Thankfully, kids are quick to forgive when I apologize.  I am so grateful for a God who allows us grace!

thod 2

Yesterday I knew I was done with school for the week.  My long list of to-do’s didn’t get a single item crossed off due to me feeling awful, as well as my poor kiddos still struggling.  This girl, in particular, has had it extremely rough.  She has been sick for a week, and for the last 3 days she has woken up with a different new symptom.  Today, she had an eye infection.  But, she was a trooper and still joined in some of the fun anyway when she wasn’t stuck on the couch!  And so, today was out with “school” and in with Valentine fun!

thod 3

We started with Sierra’s plastic nails she got for her birthday.  They didn’t last long, but they were sure fun to try!

thod 4 thod 5

We also made salt dough pendants to turn into Valentine necklaces for friends.

thod 6 thod 7.5 thod 7

Finally, our Valentine’s were little match sticks.  I tried to teach the kids how to make little origami boxes to put them in, but it was a bit difficult for them.  So, I will probably be making quite a few tomorrow.  I found the idea on Pinterest and thought it was too cute to pass up!  My 6 year old didn’t even know what a match stick was!

thod 8 thod 10 thod 11

We ended with making bookmarks and using our new Valentine stickers.  I think that was Natalie’s favorite part.

With all I have still on my to-do list, I really should’t be blogging.  But, somehow this is therapy for me.  I like seeing all the pictures without hearing the kids arguing, or stepping on messes left behind in the kitchen.  Our activities took most of the day, and the kids seemed to enjoy them… but one kid had to ask, “Is this all we’re doing?”  (You hear the voice she used, right?)  That’s all it took on a day where I gave it my all despite running on fumes to make my heart sink.  Normally, I would laugh it off or shrug it off — kids.  Today it sinks deeper, but blogging about it somehow makes it seem ok; this is just life.  The good, the tough — they are all a part of parenting, and all a reward.  Blogging allows me to step-back, re-focus, and be grateful for the good.  (And there really was much good to our day!)

Hope you find time for some Valentine fun this weekend!  I am sure we have more hearts in our near future…

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