Gross or Cool

We know about the bobcat.  He’s gotten 2 cats and several chickens.  But, it began to get cold and we began to get lazy about making sure they were locked up, and… Yes, we had another bobcat attack.  (Two in the last 2 weeks, actually).  We lost 3 chickens total.  I am no longer lazy because I do not want to wake up to the awful squawking, nor do I want to have to chase a bobcat with a broom again.  (Terrifying!)

Thankfully, the kids are ok with it all.  They understand the risk of having chickens in our backyard when we live in bobcat and coyote territory.  And, they even get a little excited about the possibility of new baby chicks in the spring.  What I didn’t expect was them being ok with my husband’s idea.  was not ok with my husbands idea.  I told him he totally grossed me out and I was appalled… yet, deep down inside of me there was a tiny something that thought he was the coolest dad ever.

You see, he decided to turn our tragedy into “school,” and dissect poor Rhonda to see if she had any eggs inside her.  (Yes, he really did!)  He even made me take some pictures, though I was totally appalled.  I held the camera far from my face, snapped a picture, and ran back inside.

dc 1

dc 2

dc 3

I even tried printing a diagram of the chicken’s egg cycle to give him so he wouldn’t need to dissect.  But alas, he had to dissect.  I saw a bit.  It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  I tried to tell myself it was cool.  The kids were in the same boat as me.  In the end, we concluded that it really was a cool experiment — even if we didn’t find an egg.  Daniel showed them lots of other “cool” stuff.  But, I learned my lesson… NO more leaving the coop gate open at night!

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