Christmas Day 2015

I LOVE Christmas!  The joy of the season…the anticipation… the traditions… the lights… the food… the family… our dear Savior’s birth!  Coziness.

cx 1

cx 2

cx 3

One of our newest (3rd year) traditions… Christmas coal (Minty Mallows) in the stockings, along with a poem about our sin and need for a savior.

cx 4

cx 5

Christmas traditional breakfast: Brundy casserole, fruit, and stollen bread.

cx 6

No time to waste… as soon as breakfast is over, the “elves” get straight to organizing gifts while the adults linger at the table with their coffee.

cx 7 cx 8

We had so many homemade gifts form the kids this year.  I think it was the highlight of my Christmas!  Poems, papers, books, coupons, and crafts galore!

cx 9

I think my husband likes having a son… and helping him open gifts…

cx 10

cx 11

In the middle of opening gifts, we got a huge surprise: my brother and sister-in-law showed up from Northern California!

cx 12

cx 13

They had fun opening and reading Allison’s “Dogs and Wolves” paper she wrote for the boys this year.

cx 14

cx 15 cx 16 cx 17

cx 18

A head lamp so I can keep up my early morning runs in the new year!

cx 19

Daniel worked so hard cooking all day…. beef tenderloin, Thai grilled salmon with red curry pepper paste, roasted potatoes, grilled asparagus, cranberry bread.  Thanks, babe!

cx 20

cx 21 cx 22 cx 23

Daniel’s brother, sister-in-law, and our nephews joined us for dinner and more play.

cx 24

cx 25

cx 26

Our little nephew creamed us all on Connect 4.  Brilliant little guy!

cx 27

cx 28

cx 29

cx 30

We ended the night with a fun round of stair ball.

cx 31

cx 32

Until Next Year!

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