The Arboretum

For years, I have wanted to do an Advent calendar, but never got around to it.  (I blame Pinterest for this desire!)  What kept me from it?  Mostly, I didn’t want to feel the pressure of having to do big activities every day.  And, I really wanted to focus on the true meaning of Christmas.  Plus, where would I find time to make an Advent calendar?

Well, at the end of the season last year, I found one at Target for super cheap.  And, it fit our decor perfectly.  Each day there is a verse and a piece of candy inside.  Then, once in a while, there is a “special paper” with activities.  (These are usually aded the night before!)  And, some of the “special activities” are quite simple, like “Tell Christmas jokes,” or, “Cut out snowflakes.”  And then there are ones like, “Dress in layers and get ready for a special field trip.”  Basically, I took an activity we would have planned anyway, and stuck it in the advent calendar.  Let me just say, it has been soooo much fun!  And, we were blessed with the perfect day to go to the Arboretum!  I took our 140 photos and narrowed them down to a mere 30 for you…

arb 1

arb 2

arb 3

I made the kids simple journals out of 3 sheets of paper and a brown paper bag.  I have done this in the past with little success, but it was really fun to watch the older ones take it seriously this time.  Watching them journal is precious!

arb 4

arb 5

arb 6

arb 7

arb 8 arb 10 arb 11 arb 12 arb 13 arb 14 arb 15

Peacocks were everywhere!  The kids were bummed to not find any of their special feathers.

arb 16

We probably spent the most time here at the White Karee tree.  It was such a fun jungle gym, and the kids now want one in their back yard.

arb 17

Lunch… then more climbing!

arb 18 arb 19 arb 20

arb 21 arb 22 arb 24

arb 25

arb 27

Our last stop before heading home was the waterfall.

arb 28

arb 29

arb 30

Sierra loved that one “special duck,” so we couldn’t go until I got a picture!  It was such a special day.  The Arboretum has a free entrance day once a month, and the kids are already asking to go back next month to hang out in the Karee.  We also have a lot more ground to explore.  Let me know if you want to come!

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