Not Days, but Moments

Tell me this has happened to you.  Your kid is having an awesome day.  All is well in the world.  Then, something silly happens and, BAM!  They completely forget everything good that they experienced, and all you hear is, “This is the WORST day ever!”

It’s happened with all my children at some point, (and one child in particular almost every day.)  But, it got me thinking.. in some ways, my mind works the same way.  How quickly I forget the good and cling to the bad!  Let’s face it; there are difficult parts in each day.  Sometimes, when I am in the middle of those difficult moments, my brain just wants to write the day off…. but it only takes a few precious moments to realize what a gift each day is!  I shouldn’t be needing to quantify how many good and bad moments took place to make my judgement on what type of day it was.  I just need to look at the precious moments and treasure them for what they are!

ndm 1

Friday we had a beautiful start to the school day.  I took a few pictures and I’m so glad I did, because attitudes from tired children soon went south.  But, these moments were precious, and such a gift!  I found Natalie cuddled up with her journal doing her devotions by the Christmas tree…

ndm 2

And, these two have a new current favorite activity — dancing and goofing off to their Sunday School cd.  My heart jumps every time I hear it. Not only are they singing out God’s truth and praising Him, but having fun as siblings while doing it.  Often, I just have to jump in and dance myself!  (Somebody tell me when these two got to be so old?  Weren’t they just toddlers?)

Yes, each day is a gift from God.  But, so is each and every moment!

3 responses to “Not Days, but Moments

    • They have a few… “Jesus Calling” for kids is their most favorite. However, I want them to learn to read their Bibles, so more often than not, they read a Proverb and journal about it. If they can’t think of anything to journal, they just have to copy it and write a one line prayer of thanks. Natalie has stuck with Proverbs quite a bit, but Allison has ventured off.

      Hope that helps?!

      • Yes it does! I am prepping for next semester and have been looking for ideas. We used your bible verse notebook idea last year and had fun illustrating while we learned verses. I like the idea of copying Proverbs and write a line.

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