Dig, Dig, Digging!

I was contemplating writing about how I just love when my kids play outside for long periods of time because they seem to get along so well.  Then this afternoon happened, and my streak of luck ran out.  Saying they always play well together after an afternoon like today would just be a lie.  But, in general, we have quite a few more days like yesterday where they spent almost 3 hours making “perfume” outside than we do like today where they couldn’t seem to agree on anything, (mostly out of fatigue!)

This past weekend, the fun came when Malachi was digging and discovered some sort of huge larva.  After some research, we concluded it was the larva of those large, green june bugs.  Soon, they discovered another and another, which began an afternoon of digging.

oud 1

oud 2

oud 3

oud 4

Want to see just how gross they are?  (This picture doesn’t even come close to showing how big and nasty they really are!)  Check out the first 3 we found:

oud 5

And, in case you were wondering, they ended up finding 30!  (Say what?!?!?)  Apparently, they are pretty good for the soil.  I’d like to think they did their job there, and needed a new job as chicken food.  Boy, did those chickens love them!


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