Thoughts on Joy


I always seem to be very aware of my surroundings.  Is that a “normal” thing?  Whenever I am in a “cozy” situation — I feel such happiness. I like my favorite mug for coffee… my favorite seat in the house for my devotions… wearing my favorite cozy sweatshirt… etc.  As I was finishing up the last of my Christmas cards, (hooray, I am done!), I was super happy to have a clean desk and a fresh Christmas cookie.  It really was an enjoyable evening. But, it did get me thinking… what if all the “cozy” were taken away?  Would I still have joy in the Lord for what this time of year means?  I journaled a bit about it, and I’d like to think I would.  I pray I would.  I know joy is much deeper than happiness.  And, I do feel such joy for God’s blessings.  But, my prayer is this… that God’s joy would surpass all comforts and cozy that I feel.  That all these “things” would simply lead my mind to Him and to ponder what he’s done for me.  That my joy would be real, and true, and deep, and not circumstantial or fleeting.  And, I pray you find joy in Him, too!


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