Our “Mary” Day

So many thoughts running through my head… like how today was a “wasted Saturday,” yet it was such a precious day.  I say “wasted” meaning we accomplished nothing “productive,” which feels a bit strange during this busy month of December.  When I say nothing, I mean there are still breakfast dishes from yesterday in the sink!   Laundry piled high.  Christmas presents to buy.  School to plan for.  Christmas cards to be sent.  Yet, we ignored the to-do list and went for a “Mary” day, rather than a “Martha” day.

bld 1

This morning started off with a little comment from my husband while we sat around the breakfast table enjoying our crepes.  “Do you know what would be perfect this morning?” he asked.  “A hike,” I responded.  He was astounded.  I love when we’re on the same page.  We spent the next 3 hours out in the 71 degree weather hiking up the hill and playing around at the waterfalls.  It was GLORIOUS!

bld 2

On the way home, we stopped at the Asian market for some groceries.  Our dinner plans wouldn’t work out since we went for a hike and didn’t defrost what we were suppose to, so we went with plan B: a “blended dinner.”

bld 3

Yup, we blended our cultures and Daniel made fresh, homemade dumplings while I made fresh bread and cheese fondue.  Dinner was a lot of fun.  We laughed with the kids about how “mismatched” it was, and what fun it is to be a mixed-race family.  Now the kids are going down, and I have a choice: start folding laundry, or at least work on the kitchen… –or– continue with our “Mary” day, cuddle with my husband, and watch our favorite show.  I think plan B is once again calling my name!


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