Argh, Mateys… Malachi Turned 4!

It’s hard to believe our youngest is not so young, anymore.  He woke-up super excited for his birthday.  I love 4 because it seems like the first time they really anticipate and get excited about their birthdays!  His “under-the-bed present” was a new scooter from his aunt and uncle.  It couldn’t have been more perfect, as he told me right before bed he was becoming a big bo and needed a scooter with just 2 wheels like the other kids at the fire station.  Thanks Nate and Hil!

4m 1 4m 2

We had a birthday breakfast of bacon and french toast, then got to work getting ready for his pirate party!

4m 3 4m 4 4m 5

I love when I can re-use things.  That birthday sign is from Sierra’s panda party, 5 years earlier!

4m 6 4m 7 4m 8

4m 9

The food is always my favorite.  So many fun ideas on Pinterest!  I made all my signs for free on

4m 10 4m 11 4m 12

Activity #1:  “Coloring Pirates”  (While they did this, Allison made balloon swords she learned for her mission trip to Thailand, and Natalie armed the guests with pirate tattoos.)

4m 13 4m 14 4m 15

Activity #2:  “Hook the Ring”  This one was a fun creative challenge since the Dollar store didn’t have any pirate hooks.  They did have poster boards for 50 cents, as well as a pack of black cups and a pack of plastic candy canes.  I made the rings using aluminum foil.  This game was a huge hit!

4m 16

Activity #3:  “Walk the Plank” (while balancing a pirate hook on your head)  This was another hit with the kiddos!  I used black washi tape for the letters, and an old body board my husband had brought home from work that they were getting rid of.

4m 17 4m 18

Activity #4:  “Pin the Patch on the Pirate”  Another free find from Pinterest!

4m 19

Activity #5:  “Knock Down the Pirate”  I found the pirate on Oriental Trading, and the kids had to knock him down with bean bags.  He was a surprise for Malachi the morning of his birthday, and we had a conversation something like this:

Me:  “Hey, buddy… did you see your pirate?”

Malachi:  “Is that a present for me?”

Me:  “Yeah, do you like him?”

Malachi:  “Was he expensive?”

Me:  “Not too bad.  Do you like him?”

Malachi:  “How much was he?”

Me:  “I think $16.  Do you like him?”

Malachi:  “Oh!  That’s a lot of money!”

Silly boy… I don’t know where that conversation came from, but it sure made me laugh!  And in case you were wondering, yes… he likes him!

4m 20 4m 21

4m 22

Our playground that truly used to be a “pirate playground.”  I’m glad the forecast of rain was totally wrong because the kids sure enjoyed their time outside.

4m 23

4m 24

4m 25

4m 26

4m 27

4m 28

Opening presents in the birthday chair!

4m 29 4m 31 4m 32 4m 33

Sweet baby Jackson.  Malachi specifically told me he wanted baby Jack at his party!

4m 34

Happy 4th birthday, sweet boy.


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