Thanksgiving 2015

Another Thanksgiving at the Fire Station, which means… I don’t have to cook or clean, kids have a blast, and we’re together as a family.  The only down side?  Driving home without Daniel.  Other than that, we had such a wonderful day!

thx 1

Playing in the fire truck… all day long!

thx 2

Riding scooters… a firehouse holiday must.

thx 3

We brought Malachi’s electronics set for fun.

thx 4

Allison and I had a lot of fun with the volleyball!

thx 5

The highlight this year came after the feast.  We went for a little hike behind the fire station.  It was so beautiful!  (I needed to do about 10 more hikes to burn off all the calories I ate!)

thx 6

thx 7

thx 8

thx 9

thx 10

thx 11

thx 12

thx 13

thx 14 thx 15

We came back for dessert and a round of “Don’t Eat Tom Turkey” before heading home.

thx 16

thx 17

So thankful.

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