Making Lemonade…

What happens when the weather decides to be gorgeous and sunny just as Thanksgiving break comes and all school pressure is off?  Apparently one thing that happens is a blogging break.  Then there’s a whole bunch of time spent playing outside.  Woohoo!  And, finally, there is lemonade to be made.

lel 1

lel 2

These past few days really have been so wonderful.  Somehow this break just snuck up on me, and I found myself surprised in the most wonderful way that it was here!  Of course, there are Christmas cards to be sent, birthdays to prepare for, Christmas decorating, and a whole list of other things… but with this weather (and our yummy lemonade of course), all seems well in the world!  Not to mention, the joy of this season is so real when you are a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ.  Without Him, peace on earth doesn’t even make sense.  With Him, there is such peace and joy and contentment in one’s heart.   I pray you feel that joy and peace today!


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