Almost 4

In just over a week, my baby will turn 4.  Overnight he seems to have changed from a toddler to a little pre-schooler.  Perhaps it’s the haircut.  Anyway, his last birthday party was simple; construction.  He used to love construction vehicles more than his mama!  The sandbox was such a great fit for him.

4 1

Sometime mid-summer, however, he informed us that he no longer wanted a sand box.  (Say what?!)  Because of sheer laziness, er hopefulness that it was just a phase, I left the sandbox.

4 2

Now we still catch him once in a while playing for long periods like he used to.  I’m so glad it’s not quite over.

4 3

I’m not sure I’m ready for this little guy to grow much more!

4 4

I’ve heard 4 is kind of a tough age with boys.  Something tells me that will be the case with this one.  Whatever it takes to keep me humble and on my knees, I’m ok with that!  But, Lord… please help me!


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