Dinner or Marbles?

The last thing I wanted to do tonight was cook dinner.  I was beat.  Thankfully, my husband was home and he makes the best Japanese Curry… I would just recruit him!

When I went to let him know, I found this…


Oh man!  The last two days, Malachi had been asking me to build his marble run.

“Maybe when Papa gets home!”

Sure enough… his sweet Daddy can’t say no to building together.  I knew if Malachi asked, he would say “yes.”


I still asked if he’d make dinner… I then heard him telling Malachi, “I gotta go make dinner, Buddy.”


Despite everything in me that wanted to scream otherwise, I heard myself yell back into the other room, “That’s ok.  I can do it.”


And, I am glad I did.  How can you rob a boy of this special time with his daddy?  I am one blessed wife and mom!

(I’ll have to let you know what I make him cook tomorrow.  🙂 )


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