Beautiful Day

Lately, my heart has been longing for the outdoors.  If we had a camper, there is a good chance we would be up in the mountains doing math rather than in our kitchen.  I daydream about hikes through fall leaves, strolling along the banks of rivers, and being out in the open.  Despite the cooler temps, our windows are open all day long.  Life is busy… but it always will be.  Whenever opportunities arise to relax with friends and to enjoy God’s creation, we have to take them.

Today we took a break from “normal.”  We had a tea party for lunch, did a minimal amount of school work, then spent hours outdoors.  (All with sweet friends.)  It is exactly what my soul needed.  It is exactly what we all needed.  We are refreshed.  I don’t see my desire for the outdoors going away any time soon — but if I can just sneak in a day or two like this each week, that would be wonderful!














Yes, we enjoyed a second cup of coffee.  But, I don’t think that will keep me awake tonight.  Perhaps the “high” that comes from such a beautiful day will consume me as I lay my head down on the pillow, but I am quite certain I will sleep well!

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