Bean Boozled

Rarely do I open the door for solicitors.  But, it was a weak moment — our little neighbor boy was selling overpriced junk so he could win prizes and earn money for his school.  I couldn’t say no.  (Now you know why I rarely open the door!)  I didn’t even remember what I purchased, and I didn’t even pay him because I had no cash at the moment.

Fast forward 2 months.  The doorbell rings again.  I had completely forgotten about my purchase, and went to pull out my checkbook.  $13 for a tiny box of Jellybellies.  Oh, but it was so worth it!  These were not just ordinary Jellybellies.  This is a game where you spin and have to try a flavor of Jellybellies that can be either delicious or disgusting.  For example… Tutti Frutti or Stinky socks?  Peach or barf?  Buttered popcorn or rotten eggs?  Thankfully, I was the photographer rather than a player.  I have not laughed that hard in a long time!

bboo 1 bboo 2 bboo 3

bboo 4

bboo 5

I told the kids this had to be a Halloween tradition.  Not so much, in their opinion.  Malachi said, “I am never playing that game again; it was too gross!”  His sisters and Grandma agreed.  Personally, I am just thankful for the good laugh, (and that they didn’t make me play!)

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