AWANA Crazy Hair Night

Last night was AWANA Crazy Hair night.  We celebrated in all it’s glory!

ach 1

ach 2

When Sierra put her arm around her brother and tilted her head like that, my heart jumped.  I knew this would be a favorite new picture.

ach 3

I loved Natalie’s color and style; almost more pretty than crazy!

ach 4

ach 5

I am so thankful for AWANA for many reasons.  Selfishly, I am thankful for a date night!  Last night I had so much to do to get ready for teaching our co-op the next day.  Since my husband was home, I was tempted to just let him take the kids while I had several hours to myself.  It was, indeed, tempting.  But, we hadn’t seen much of each other during the day, and a date sounded so much more appealing.

Typically, I am a work first, play second kind of person.  I would literally come home from a class in college, and get right to work on a paper that wasn’t due for 3 weeks just because I can’t stand to not be planned way ahead of time.  All that to say, choosing a date was out of character for me.  Yet… I am so thankful I made that choice.  We had such a fun time!  So often as a mom, it is easier to choose to want to “work first.”  The thing I am discovering is that, it is almost impossible to work first all the time, because the work never ends and the play would never come.  It’s ok… even good to play first sometimes!  And with that, I am off to bed while the dishes sit next to the sink, because sometimes it’s also good to rest first!  (And I am beat from staying up late planning!)  🙂

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