San Diego Zoo

Legoland – check

Safari Park – check

La Jolla – check

Seaworld – check

San Diego Zoo – FINALLY!

After all our trips to San Diego, we have visited all of the above attractions multiple times, except one; the San Diego Zoo!  I am not even sure why, because our kids LOVE animals.  It was definitely overdue, but really well worth the wait.

sdz 1

sdz 2

sdz 3 sdz 4 sdz 5

sdz 6

sdz 7 sdz 8 sdz 9

sdz 10

sdz 11

sdz 12

sdz 13 sdz 14 sdz 15

sdz 16

After walking for 6 hours, the kids were beat.   (And hot!)  It wasn’t in the plans, but we did go back to the beach where the girls jumped in the waves for 2 hours while Malachi slept on a blanket.  The only rough part was waking Malachi, who wanted to be at the hotel and cried until it was time to go — then he decided he wanted to play on the beach.  Ha! Isn’t that just how it goes?  We found a Thai place for dinner, then drove home while the kids snoozed.  Though it was a super short “vacation,” it sure felt great!  (And unpacking left just as big of a mess as a long vacation!)

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