San Diego Surprise

Kid surprises are the best.  It all began last Sunday night while the kids were at AWANA.  I rushed home to pack their bags and the car for a quick overnight in San Diego.  Even so, we had to pack for both beach and zoo.  Mondays are our homeschool co-op, and we finish at 3pm.  While we enjoyed the first half of our co-op day, my husband was driving around town, filling the car with gas, dropping off the dog, and packing all the cuddly bedtime stuff.  We ate lunch with our co-op, then broke the news to the kids… we wouldn’t be staying for the afternoon.

Once the disappointment passed, we shared the reason.  The excitement was priceless!

We checked into the hotel around 2:45pm, then headed 5 minutes out to the beach.  The kids had so much fun playing in the waves, time just flew by.  When we told them it was time to wash up and get some dinner, they couldn’t believe a few hours had passed so quickly.

sdo 1

sdo 2

sdo 3

sdo 4

sdo 5

sdo 6

sdo 7

sdo 8

sdo 9

Allison and Natalie really jumped in the waves for the first time.  They were begging to go back the next day after the zoo, (and we did.)  Malachi and Sierra just found joy digging, splashing, and playing.  I snapped a few pictures, put my camera away, and enjoyed the next few hours with them.  The sun would disappear, then reappear every few minutes.  The water was amazingly warm.  There was a jr. international surf competition, and 36 different countries represented; that was fun to watch, too.

Back at the hotel, we enjoyed chicken soft tacos.  We always stay at the Residence Inn so we have multiple rooms, and a free dinner. 🙂  Once we washed up, we went out for gelati.  When we got back, the kids went right to sleep, and Daniel and I got to see Unbroken.  It was the perfect day.

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