Firefighter Picnic

Remember our run-in with lice?  I’ve tried to forget, too… eeew!  Anyway, we cancelled our Mexico trip due to the lice, but were able to go to the firefighter picnic because of it.  The kids were grateful for that!

ffp 1

It was HOT — well over 100 degrees.  You could not pay me to go down that slide in the heat!

ffp 2 ffp 3 ffp 4

This new ride was a huge hit with the big girls.  I am far too old to ride a spinny ride these days, but I am glad they enjoyed it!

ffp 5 ffp 7

The petting zoo was also a new attraction.  My kids are just like their dad; never tired of animals.

ffp 8

Pumpkin decorating was also new.  The kids used paint pens, which I thought was brilliant.  We may be doing that at home this year!

ffp 9 ffp 10 ffp 11

ffp 12

ffp 13

Check out this turkey vulture Natalie discovered.  We assumed it was hurt since it wouldn’t fly away.

ffp 14

Malachi was finally tall enough for the kiddy rides.  Hooray!

ffp 15 ffp 16

We can never leave before they serve the popsicles.  I just love traditions!


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