Oak Glen 2015

How is it October, already?  I had a little technical difficulties this week with blogging, but hopefully all is well now… I have some catching-up to do!

Our annual trip to Oak Glen was as fun as ever, despite the fact that we didn’t pick apples this year.  We called ahead to see if the crop was plentiful this year, and were told it was not. Darn drought!  That means only apple-picking on the weekends.  We decided to go anyway, and enjoyed a beautiful day with much cooler temps than we would have had at home!  A picnic, a hike, fresh apple cider, time on the playground, and a peak into the old schoolhouse all made it a great day.

oak 1

Twins without even planning it.  Sweet!

oak 2 oak 3 oak 4

oak 5

oak 6 oak 7 oak 8

oak 9

Still best buddies…

oak 10 oak 11 oak 12 oak 13 oak 14

oak 15

oak 16

oak 17

oak 18

oak 19

The kids are asking to go back again to pick apples.  This might just have to be the year we do Oak Glen twice!

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