Evening Bike Rides

I still remember the first day Allison rode a bike around our old cul-de-sac in the evening.  (Actually, it was her trike, not a bike.)  I sat on the curb while Natalie waddled around.  My kids had entered a new stage; they felt so grown-up at 1 1/2 and 3.  Funny, isn’t it?

Now we’ve reached a new milestone.  My youngest is riding his very own bike now.  I found it on Craigslist for just $15 and it was a house just down the street.  He still needs training wheels, but we now have 4 kids on bikes.  Malachi and Sierra were introduced to Allison and Natalie’s “Around the World” game they play on bikes around the neighborhood.  Watching them ride into the sunset made my heart smile.  We don’t have a lot of kids in our neighborhood, but I am so thankful they have each other!

ebr 1

ebr 2

ebr 3

ebr 4

Now if only summer evenings would last a little longer…

In the Garden

We haven’t had much good news to report on the garden… Tomatoes are slowing way down.  (We had to buy some for our salsa today!)  Zucchini plant is ginormous, while the zucchini have also slowed way down.  Then there’s the cantaloupe…

iitg 1

A mouse!  Can you believe it?  I was so glad that our current cat is not a hunter.  I did not like all the mice and lizard presents our previous two cats brought us.  But now?!?!?  I am thinking we need a hunter cat.  After this picture, I picked the cantaloupe and cut it for the chickens.  Later I cut 2 more that I thought were ripe so the mouse wouldn’t get them.  They were awesome.  Then, the mouse got our last one.  Grrr… So we were 2 for 4 on our cantaloupes this year.

Last but not least is our pepper plant.  We had SO many just get rotten before they got ripe.  But then we had one ripe one.  It looked amazing…

itg 2

I cut it and the texture seemed perfect.  We added it to our pizza, and then…

itg 3

We took it off again and gave it to the chickens.  It was bitter.  Bummer.

The only good in all this is the lesson my 5 year old has been learning.  I keep telling her we learn best through our mistakes; not just when we do things right the first time.  I have used the garden as my personal example.  She has learned this lesson well.  She now rejoices in hr mistakes and says, “Because I am learning even more, right Mommy?”  That’s right, sweetie.  It has revolutionized our schooling.  We still have our challenges, but making mistakes is no longer one of them!

Beach House

My friend called the other day and asked if we wanted to join her for a day at their beach house.  They are there for an entire month every September!  My response?  Of course!  What an awesome day…

bhd 1 bhd 2 bhd 4

Have you ever seen a better backyard?

bhd 5

bhd 6 bhd 7

Yummy lunch, then we headed out for more fun… and then drove to the “baby beach” 5 minutes down the road.

bhd 8

bhd 9

Sweet baby!

bhd 10

bhd 11

bhd 12

bhd 13

bhd 14

bhd 15 bhd 16 bhd 17 bhd 18

Wait a minute… are those my kids getting off the sheriff’s boat?  Yup!  Apparently they went out too far!

bhd 19

bhd 20

The day didn’t end here.  Everyone showered then we headed out to pizza.  They all crashed on the drive home… and I was soon to follow!

Horse Stables

I am so happy to have my computer back after a week in the shop.  It’s amazing, (and a little crazy), just how much I missed it.

These pictures seem so long ago already because my oldest just donated her hair, and I am already used to seeing her in short hair.  Anyway, we dog sat for a friend last weekend and the kids kept wanting to walk the dogs to the horse stables.  So we did.

dos 1

dos 2

dos 3

dos 4

dos 5

dos 6

dos 7

The poor, sweet beagle was a little afraid of the horses.  But, the kids sure had fun dog sitting!