Dinner Fail, Breakfast Win

For quite some time now, I’ve been diligent about trying to bake any baked goods we need fresh rather than buying them made.  We have many exceptions, of course, but it is fun to bake and have the house smell delicious as you pull fresh bread from the oven!  We’ve been pretty successful with following the recipes, but the other night we had a huge fail!  I was grilling some sliders for dinner and wanting Hawaiian rolls, but not wanting to go to the store.  No problem, I thought… I could make them!  The recipe I found called for pineapple juice, which we didn’t have.  We did have fresh pineapple, so I pureed it in the Vitamix and used the puree instead of the juice.  No big deal, right?

My first clue should have been the dough texture.  It was weird.  But, I held out hope.  I baked them, and they tasted exactly like Hawaiian rolls; except, the texture was completely different.  They were much more like biscuits; it was weird!  And, they were disgusting with the hamburgers.

dfbw 1 dfbw 2

Not wanting to waste them, the next morning for breakfast I made an apple syrup and poured it over the biscuits.  The kids loved it and I didn’t have to waste them — yay for us!  (Sorry, chickens… maybe my next fail!)

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