Bread Bowls

While making my menu for the week, I had no idea we would be experiencing a day full of rain.  Yesterday was absolutely wonderful, and such a blessing for Southern California!  I even went for a jog in the pouring rain early in the morning and had more energy than usual.  It felt glorious!  We rarely experience cooler temps in September, and certainly not rain!

Anyway, I had asked my daughter Natalie what I should put on the menu for dinner, and she requested broccoli and cheese soup bowls.  I have always wanted to try to make soup bowls, but never got around to it.  Since she said it and I was at a loss for ideas, I wrote it in.  Done.  Now I had to try!

brb 1

I really wasn’t sure what I was doing.  I just divided the dough into 6 rounds and let them rise on parchment individually in bowls.  In the meantime, I worked on the soup…

brb 2

brb 3

As I suspected, the two little ones didn’t eat much of their bowls.  But, I was ok with that.  I used my new favorite simple bread recipe I keep talking about, so I only wasted a little flour… these were so much cheaper than buying 6 little bread bowls!  I would rather waste a bit and let them have the full fun of eating out of a bread bowl than make them eat out of a regular bowl while watching their big sisters have all the fun.  Not to mention, the chickens loved the leftovers!

I’m excited to try these again some time!

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