Always Something…

… to be thankful for!  It s true.  Just look at the sky from 2 nights ago:


Does it ever get old?  Never.  The sky always takes my breath away.

But, there are disappointments in life.  I want to teach my children how to handle them gracefully.  Not by my words, but by my actions.  Yet that is so much harder!

Today I didn’t show much grace.  The morning started off exhaustingly as I spent most of my night with my 8 year old complaining about an itchy head then coming into my bed and kicking me all night.  Low on sleep and energy, I decided to go for a jog anyway before getting ready to teach Sunday School at church.   My jog quickly became a full-on sprint (For my life) when I spotted 2 coyotes coming my way.  (What is one suppose to do with coyotes, anyway?  Run, or stand firm?  I don’t know, but I ran!)  Thankfully, they crossed the street.

I made it back in time to make some pumpkin muffins and head off to church, but my daughter was still complaining.  I wish I was a sweet, sympathetic mom.  What should I do?  I didn’t want to not show up to serve, but I thought I should take her in.  When I got to church, it turns out there were enough helpers, so I got her back out of Sunday School and we went to Urgent Care.  Guess what?  LICE!  YUCK!

We headed to Target (for the 3rd day in a row) and bought some medicated shampoo and combs; only to find out, those don’t work well.  But, they did let us know that we ALL have lice.  (Eww!!)  We’ve probably had it for 6 – 8 weeks, already.  It is an overwhelming and disgusting feeling.  I wanted to clean everything, but I had so much to do to get ready for our co-op, etc.

So, tomorrow we miss our co-op.  But we have a professional coming to de-lice us (For quite a bit of money, but I hear it is worth it!)  Next weekend we will not do our Mexico mission trip because we do NOT want to bring lice to an orphanage!  The kids are sad about missing both.  We talked about looking for the positive, and for thanking God in all things.  But, I was not super sensitive to their complaints, and didn’t show as much grace as I should have.  I’m so glad God’s grace is sufficient for all of us.  And, I hope we will be rid of these bugs by tomorrow!

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