626 Night Market… with kids!

Last year we tried out the 626 Night Market, and I knew we had to go again.  To be honest, I wasn’t excited about taking the kids because I remembered the crowds were a bit much.  But now… I am so glad we did.  They had a great time and enjoyed the food as much as we did.  (Well, the drinks and desserts at least!)  One of our goals as parents is to have our kids not be afraid to try new foods, and I think we’ve been pretty successful.  Even our one super picky eater is surprisingly open to new foods!

6261 6262 6263 6264 6265

I waited in line for my Ramenburger first thing.  Delicious!

6266 6267 6268

6269.5 6269

Yes, this may just have to be an annual tradition… with the kids, because they all want to go back!  (Sierra still thinks she was in Taiwan!)

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