Beach House

My friend called the other day and asked if we wanted to join her for a day at their beach house.  They are there for an entire month every September!  My response?  Of course!  What an awesome day…

bhd 1 bhd 2 bhd 4

Have you ever seen a better backyard?

bhd 5

bhd 6 bhd 7

Yummy lunch, then we headed out for more fun… and then drove to the “baby beach” 5 minutes down the road.

bhd 8

bhd 9

Sweet baby!

bhd 10

bhd 11

bhd 12

bhd 13

bhd 14

bhd 15 bhd 16 bhd 17 bhd 18

Wait a minute… are those my kids getting off the sheriff’s boat?  Yup!  Apparently they went out too far!

bhd 19

bhd 20

The day didn’t end here.  Everyone showered then we headed out to pizza.  They all crashed on the drive home… and I was soon to follow!


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