Summer Evenings

I almost had a heart attack today.  (Not really — don’t worry, Mom!)  Here’s the deal.  We spent the entire afternoon at a water park, and the kids had a blast.  But, when I got home and checked my e-mail, it said “Hope you had a great first day of school!”  Oops.  We have never, ever missed the first day of school before.  Part of the reason is because our charter is going through lots of changes and communication has been lacking.  And, it really doesn’t make a huge difference if we start late.  I mean, we homeschool… so it’s ok, right?  Still.  It felt weird.  We’ve been so busy that I really haven’t had much time to prep. I just put away last year’s work yesterday!

All that to say, I need to get on the ball!  In the meantime, we are going to continue to enjoy our summer evenings in the garden and with the chickens.  (That’s school, right?)  We are also going to continue enjoying our pool since it was 104 degrees out today!  Ah, the joys of homeschooling!

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25 Years

I know, I know… I was getting tired of seeing the rainbow, too.  It’s never a question of what to blog about, but rather give me energy to blog!  We are in a busy season!

Anyway, our church just celebrated its 25th anniversary.  We feel so incredibly blessed to say Water of Life is our home church.  I seriously think God brought me to this city way back in 1997 just to bless me with my church!  To celebrate, there was a huge church service at a nearby outdoor pavilion complete with food trucks and a Jeremy Camp concert.  It was so much fun!

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These two played and danced and danced and played.  It was so fun to watch!  (I am also so glad I brought the ball!)

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jc 15


I tried to get a video of the little ones dancing, but no luck!  Maybe I’ll try again when my techie hubby gets home!

Psalm 19:1

Every time I see a rainbow outside, I grab my camera.  I just can’t let one go without capturing the moment.  This happened yesterday afternoon:

191 1

191 2

As spectacular as that rainbow was, I was even more blown away by this cloud formation:

191 3

Last night I was walking downstairs after having all my kids tucked-in quietly when I saw it.  I couldn’t help it.  I called all my kids out of bed to come see.  We all agreed it was a spectacular display of God’s glory!  I am still not sure how that cloud was illuminated while the clouds in front of it were not, but I just love it!  (This was facing east at sunset.)

191 4

I have always loved the sky and cloud formations.  Last year I commented on how glad I was we learned Psalm 19:1  “The heavens declare the glory of God, the skies proclaim the work of his hand.”  AMEN!

Garden Update

My guess is you would much rather see a Thailand Update than a garden update, right?  ME, TOO!  My poor husband has been working hard at getting the pictures sorted, and hopefully I will have something for you, soon.  In the meantime, here is our garden update:

For once I think I have a bit of good news as far as our 2015 garden is concerned. Let’s start with our mystery plant.  Several weeks back, our large planter box began to sprout a new plant.  Immediately from the leaves we determined it was in the squash family.  Once Daniel saw it, he thought it must be our cucumber plant from last year.  Of course!  I agreed wholeheartedly.  I even thought it strange when the cucumbers were coming out round.  Hmmm… It was not until yesterday, when I noticed 3 more round “cucumbers” that I investigated further.  Why, we have ourselves some cantaloupes!  But, how did that happen?  Daniel suggested it must be from the compost.  I agree… for now!  🙂  I love cantaloupe and can’t wait to try one that’s home grown.


Then there’s our tomatoes.  The bumper crop has finally hit.  They are delicious!  Several of the yellow ones have split, which I thought was odd.  Then I read about why and discovered if you have a huge rain storm after a dry spell, the insides begin to grow faster than the outsides and cause splits.  That is exactly what happened to us in July.  At first I was disturbed and gave several dozen to the chickens.  Now that I know the cause, I just eat them all the same.  We’ve had our share of horn worms as well, but the chickens are happy about that.  I am SO happy to have tomatoes!


Our one watermelon may need to be picked and eaten any day now… how do I know if my watermelon is ready?  Stay tuned!

Awesome Friends, Yummy Bread

I briefly mentioned in yesterday’s post that my #3 was sick.  Unfortunately, that meant I couldn’t get to the grocery store for some much-needed items, including bread.  Now, I have always wanted to make my own, and I do quite a bit of “fun” breads… but I have yet to make a simple loaf of old-fashioned crusty bread.  I found a recipe on Pinterest that had a beautiful picture, and called itself “simple.”  I like that.  Somehow, in my mind, I had interpreted simple as quick.   Yes, the recipe was simple.  Very simple. But, it was not quick.  There was much waiting to be done.

First thing in the morning, I made the dough; it took all of 2 minutes, and no kneading was required.  Then Sierra, who had been up all night with a stomach ache, fever, and vomiting, seemed to take a turn for the worse.  Since my husband was at work, I decided to ask a friend to come watch the others while I took Sierra to the doctor, then the lab for blood work, and finally to another lab for an ultrasound.  My friend cancelled her plans and came right over.  She bought the kids pizza for lunch, cleaned the kitchen, and folded all my laundry while I was away.  Then she let me head out to grocery shop for an hour by myself.  Seriously — I feel beyond blessed and grateful!  She is a precious friend.   And, good news… Sierra is feeling much better tonight!  And, more good news… the bread turned out AWESOME!

fb 1

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On a side note, I was able to use my tomatoes and zucchini for the soup!

You can find the original recipe here.  I substituted about 1/4 cup of the flour for 1/4 cup flax meal.  I can’t wait to try other variations.  This may be my bread-making year!  Anyone else ready for a cozy Fall dinner of soup and fresh bread?

Nothing Much…


  • I love sibling cuddles… they’re the best!  Even if my boy didn’t want me to take a picture, he sure was happy to cuddle with his sister!
  • My #3 is sick… again… or still?  Her tummy is bothering her big time, and she has a high fever.  This happened last week for about 3 days, then went away.  Right now she is asleep in my room, so I get a slumber party tonight!  Poor thing…
  • It’s August.  I won’t even ask how that happened.  I love back to school shopping at Target, and highly recommend getting some items for Operation Christmas Child now while the school supplies are cheap.  In another few weeks they’ll be bringing out Halloween, and then you can find cheap summer toys and things for the boxes, as well.  We started that last year, and it was so nice to have that done before the Holiday Season crept up!  (And, for a good price!)
  • We just signed up to go to Mexico for their mission trip, again.  Yay!
  • My garden is so funky.  I caught 5 ginormous hornworms today, and despite requests from my children I did not photograph them for you.  You’re welcome.  On the bright side, I picked 3 berry baskets full of tomatoes.  A garden update post is probably due soon…
  • I could rattle on and on here, but I should probably get some work done.  Just had to check in with the blog!