National Waffle Day

One of my son’s library books this week gives all sorts of fun facts about different foods.  It’s called Food Trucks, and it has also inspired a food truck game he plays with his sisters.  I love when library books are multi-purposed!  We happened to be reading 2 days ago that National Waffle Day is August 24.  We couldn’t read that and not celebrate.  Since we just had waffles, and this was a “celebration,” I decided to try to make chocolate waffles.  (They were still pretty healthy with whole wheat flour, Greek yogurt, cocoa powder and shaved 70% dark chocolate, but don’t tell my kids that!)  All the kids thought they were awesome and tasted like brownies.  Personally, I still thought they tasted ‘healthy;’ ha!  But, good…. I thought they were good!  Either way, it was a win!

nwd 1

nwd 2

Just to be sure this was legit, I googled National Waffle Day, and sure enough it is legit!  If you are curious about the origin, click here.  Happy National Waffle Day!  (And, thank you, wonderful library!)

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