First Day of School

It seems wrong to go from a watermelon post to a first day of school post.  I guess technically, back to school comes right after summer, but somehow my brain has not caught on yet.  Once the kids went to bed last night, I began planning for the first day.  I don’t like that feeling at all — not being prepared way ahead of time.  By the end of the year, I usually let things slide a bit, but I have never started a school year this unplanned.  You would think my planning involved looking at my curriculum and deciding how the school day would go, etc.  Instead, I planned our first day meals, snacks, and fun then went to bed exhausted.  Priorities, right?

My Bible reading this morning was a great reminder of how much I need God.  Daily.  Every hour.  Every minute.  I depend on His creativity and help throughout the day and school year, as I have always been bad at planning things out.  I am so grateful for His guidance in my life, and His grace, which we need daily!  I could NOT homeschool without it!

All that to say, here are some fun pictures from our first day.  Thankfully, the kids don’t know how “unplanned” I feel.  (They do now, I suppose, since they love reading this blog!)

1day 1 1day 2 1day 3

The kids came down so excited, as always.  “Happy first day of school!”  “What’s our snack?”  We’ve done rice krispy apples, Rolo/ kiss pencils, homemade donutsapple oreo pops, pretzel crayons, and now this year we did letter/ apple sugar cookies.  Each kid got all the letters to spell out their names.  We even played a little game to see who could get the most words out of their name letters.  Of course, our fifth grader creamed everyone!

1day 4 1day 5

I got the cute bags to put them in at the dollar section of Target at least a month ago.  I also got the plates, straws, and napkins on clearance at Target at the end of last fall.  For their little “gift,” I filled a pencil I made, (free template here), with mini gel pens; also from the dollar section at Target.

1day 7 1day 8

Decorating the cookies was fun… and yummy!  Like I mentioned earlier, my day was super unplanned.  The only other {somewhat} planned activity was making a cover for our new Scripture Art Journals.  Our old ones lasted us two years, and I was excited to have them start new ones.  (You can read more about them here.)  Our new ones came in a 3-pack from… the dollar section at Target.  (Surprise!)  By the way, that awesome carousel was my back to school present to myself from Zullily while they had free shipping in July.  Isn’t it fun? 

1day 9 1day 10 1day 11

We got in a little math and a little reading.  Though I am not planned, it is nice to ease into things… One thing I have been planning is meals, and I hope to share more here, soon.

One day down!  I am blessed.

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